Natracare Joins 1% for the Planet with Tampon Graphic

Natracare Ups their Environmental Commitment with 1% for the Planet

Our home is far more than just a place where we sleep. It is the place where we live, play, work, and connect. Our home is the ecosystem of our community. Far more than our individual house, our collective home is the planet itself. How we come together to take care of our home of the Earth is becoming more and more important on a daily basis. Organizations such as 1% for the Planet understand this. Since 2002, 1% for the Planet has helped direct hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental nonprofits globally. This innovative network of environmentally-conscious businesses, visionary individuals, globally innovative nonprofits, and philanthropists are working for the common goal of planetary well-being. Taking care of our home. Natracare is the world’s first organic and natural period brand. Now they have become the first in their category to become a member of 1% for the Planet. Natracare joins 1% for the Planet with the goal to encourage people to “Bleed 1% Better.”

Announcing this initiative, the company says, “Natracare manufactures organic and natural personal care products, including the world’s first organic cotton tampons, pads, and panty liners that are also plastic free and truly biodegradable. The environment has always been at the core of everything Natracare does – so their 1% for the Planet membership is a natural match.”

Quote about 1% for the Planet

The company was founded with a strong ethos for environmental protection. As well as a belief that commerce can be conscientious. Natracare’s plastic-free products are sold world-wide. This 1% pledge will commit more than $250,000 to meaningful environmental causes.

The Ecosystem: Natracare Joins 1% for the Planet

Natracare Founder Susie Hewson says, “Natracare is committed to give 1% for the Planet because we see ourselves as being the same as – not separate from – the ecosystems that sustain us. This planet is our home. Most humans have a tendency to take without giving back – and that mindset has caused a lot of destruction. To us, 1% doesn’t seem like much of a price to pay to support the great causes helping to keep Mother Nature thriving. Natracare has always done business with the environment firmly in mind – and we already give a large percentage of our profits away to good causes. But we realise now, that in order to encourage other businesses to do the same, we have to shout about it!”

This partnership is an example of how voting with our dollar can make a difference. That what we buy can impact our collective community and our planetary home.

Kate Williams, the CEO of 1% for the Planet says, “1% for the Planet is thrilled to welcome Natracare to our growing global movement. They have an inspiring 30 year legacy of creating sustainable products and developing incredible partnerships with non-profits working to create a healthier planet. We’re thrilled to be working with them as they continue to grow and innovate. Together, we can achieve more than we can alone!”