Costa Mesa welcomes Infinite You Meditation Studio, a community space hosting daily meditation classes for all levels.

When Lionela Torriero, owner of Infinite You Meditation Studio, first saw the space where she now hosts daily meditation classes and monthly workshops, she knew there was something special about the energy there. She has since transformed that space into a sanctuary for aspiring meditators of all ages and spiritual backgrounds. Lionela, who has utilized meditation to find greater wellbeing and purpose in her own life, hopes that the studio can offer the same life-changing results to its students.

“It’s not an easy process,” she says. “Meditation looks like it’s easy. You just close your eyes…but it takes practice, dedication, and some knowledge.” Infinite You is equipped to offer that knowledge with a team of certified meditation practitioners and psychologists. While the daily meditation classes are universally beneficial for everyone, the workshops offer in-depth knowledge for students with specific issues and interests.

When you visit the studio, you’ll be welcomed into a tranquil space with a circle of meditation cushions, as well as chairs for those who aren’t comfortable sitting on the floor. After 45 minutes of gentle music and a variety of guided mindfulness techniques, you can’t help but walk out feeling better than when you arrived, as the photographs in the front lobby suggest. They feature Melina, Lionela’s teenage daughter, exhibiting a range of negative emotions that one might experience “before” meditation, as well as the look of radiant joy that happens “after.” Melina, who is currently completing her meditation training, intends to teach classes specifically for teenagers at Infinite You, spreading this powerful practice of awareness to the next generation.

Infinite You Meditation Studio

234 E. 17th St. Suite 113

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


By Alisha Kali Shakti, a yoga teacher, world traveler, bookworm, and handstand enthusiast:


Alisha Vasquez
Alisha Kali is a yoga teacher, climber, world traveler, and handstand enthusiast.