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Ra Yoga’s flagship studio in Costa Mesa has been around and thriving for just over five years. Those who are fortunate enough to call it their “home studio” will eagerly offer commentary about their favorite classes and teachers, how beautiful the space is, or how Ra Yoga has transformed their practice.

What inevitably follows is recognition of that special something that every studio strives for yet few truly succeed in creating: a sense of community. Owners Bobby Kittleman and Jenny Vande Hei have been committed to the Ra Yoga community since day one, which led them to open a second studio this year, located in Newport Beach. For them, the new studio was about creating more opportunity for everyone—students, teachers, and staff.

Now with the two studios, there are over 200 classes per week and more than 50 instructors, so students can always find something on the schedule to suit their mood. There are standard classes like Vinyasa, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Ra-storative Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga, as well as the more unique ones like Yogalates, Strength (yoga with weights), Hot Ra (heated to 105?), and Budokon, which blends elements of Hatha yoga and martial arts. Bobby says they want teachers to have the freedom to express themselves, and for every teacher’s unique style to be celebrated. “Somebody who teaches strength is just as good and as valuable as somebody who teaches prenatal” he says “and vice versa.”

The culture and offerings at Ra Yoga are constantly evolving. “Yoga in and of itself is evolution” Jenny says. “As we grow, we continue to transform and change things. If nothing changes, we haven’t grown personally, spiritually, or physically.” The evolution of the studio has included a comprehensive 200-hour teacher training, innovative workshops, retreats, and specialized training modules.

As Ra Yoga begins to spread its roots in Newport Beach, Bobby and Jenny want to stay true to their vision and reinforce the three pillars of creativity, authenticity, and community. When you step foot in the new studio you’ll recognize that signature “Ra-some” vibe, from the visuals of the space (a front desk wrapped in tree bark and walls decorated with mountains and trees) to the high energy and high quality of the classes.

Ra Yoga
1617 Westcliff Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 612-7905

Alisha Vasquez
Alisha Kali is a yoga teacher, climber, world traveler, and handstand enthusiast.