re:YOGA therapy + wellness isn’t your traditional yoga studio.

Founded by yoga therapist May Che, re:YOGA focuses on individualized programs designed to meet the personal needs and goals of students through private lessons and semi-private classes. Ches vision was to offer a safe, non-competitive space for wellness where students can work directly with experienced practitioners to reduce tension and increase overall health and wellness through both traditional and modern techniques.

In addition to yoga, re:YOGA offers therapeutic themed workshops (some complimentary) as well as a variety of individualized body work options including massage therapy, cranial sacral work, sound healing, Pranassage (a blend of yoga, assisted stretching, and massage) and Manual Lymph Draining (MLD) to help students advance in their healing process. Instructors at re:YOGA therapy not only hold advanced yoga certifications, but many are credentialed and certificated in complementary modalities such as yoga therapy, Barre, massage therapy, personal training, and Ayurveda.

The intimate studio is bright and airy, providing a welcoming environment where instructors can get to know their students and develop classes with each individuals needs taken into consideration. re:YOGA therapy + wellness, located in the Palms neighborhood of West Los Angeles, offers something that most studios cannot — an unsurpassed level of personal attention.


re:YOGA therapy + wellness

10001 Venice Blvd, Ste 107, Los Angeles


Written by Tiffany Caronia, a yoga instructor, freelance publicist and marketing consultant based in Venice, CA. Email her at: [email protected].

Tiffany Caronia was initially lured to the mat by yoga’s physical benefits, but she soon discovered the profound impact the practice of yoga had on her overall well-being. Working as a publicist for over 10 years, Tiffany immediately noticed the practice’s invaluable effects- reduced anxiety, relief from depression, improved focus, more contentment and acceptance for what is. The practice of yoga quickly became a way of life for Tiffany and she was inspired to share its benefits with others.

Tiffany has studied extensively with Annie Carpenter, holding an advanced certification in Carpenter’s SmartFLOW Yoga methodology. She has also studied yoga therapy at Loyola Marymount University and continues to practice and study with teacher Alexandria Crow. Tiffany’s alignment and anatomically driven classes teach students to move slowly and mindfully. By instructing students how to move into the poses, she teaches them to move with intention and focus their attention so that they can make wise decisions based on the present moment. It’s this skill of concentration — cultivated on the yoga mat — that students can take into their daily lives so they can live with more clarity, awareness and maybe even a little more ease.