Tibetan Singing Bowls Toning album cover


More yoga studios are including sound meditation classes on their schedules.  The healing, soul-soothing powers of instruments like singing bowls are becoming more accessible and widespread. It is an unbeatable experience to be  bathed in the vibrations of singing bowls a mere few feet away from your yoga mat as you lie in savasana. Michael and Jahna Perricone deliver the next best thing with their new release Toning: Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls & Ethereal Voice. Comprised of four songs, Toning provides nearly an hour of beautiful meditative music. Toning offers the kind of transformational soundscape that instantly puts you into a calmer, clearer state of mind.

Music on Toning: Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Ethereal Voice

The entire album is cohesive and could be played from start to finish enjoyably. At the same time, each song also has its own unique character. The album’s subtitle, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Ethereal Voice, is a perfect summation of what you can expect to hear. The voice and bowls are joined at times by other instruments—including guitar, flutes, and harp. This introduces just enough variety without distracting from the tranquility of Michael’s singing bowls and Jahna’s vocals.

Three of the songs are each close to 10 minutes long. These are perfect for a short meditation session or a luxurious savasana. They are my go-to choices for moments of stillness, both in my own practice and in the yoga classes I teach.

The track “Les Nuages,” which is French for “the clouds,” is appropriately reminiscent of European sacred music. “Les Nuages” conjures up images not only of clouds but also of church choirs and people in quiet prayer. “Dawn Extended” is nearly 30 minutes long. It is still as peaceful as the other soundscapes on the album. Yet at the same time, it takes the listener through a carefully choreographed variety of sounds. “Dawn Extended” has an effect like a journey along a long, meandering path. In fact, the album credits aptly describe each of the songs as “journeys.”

You don’t have to be a yoga instructor or even a meditation practitioner to enjoy this album. But take a listen. You just might find yourself being drawn into an internal meditative journey that leads you to unexpected places.