Krishna Das Trust in the Heart Mantra Music

Right in the thick of some of the darkest moments in today’s world, Krishna Das releases his new and 15th album of mantra music. The album is Trust in the Heart. And I feel the timing is perfect.

Krishna Das and Mantra Music

I immediately listened to the complete work when I received this album. I unequivocally can say this: For his fans, Trust in the Heart is classic Krishna Das. Everything you’ve ever loved about his voice, his use of melody, and his music is here. On top of that, the album features two versions of the beloved chant the Hanuman Chalisa! The rest of the tracks are steeped deep in the heart of devotion.

Recommending Trust in the Heart

The album has the feel of a family reunion that you’d want to attend. The overall tone contains the warmth of being under the blanket fireside on an early winter’s night as the season begins to change.

Inside (and outside of ) the genres of sacred mantra chanting and devotional music, many artists are often compelled to experiment in different directions after decades of albums. Here on Trust in the Heart, Krishna Das doubles down on his strengths. In every track, he unabashedly shares the fruits of his musical inspiration and his commitment to his spiritual practice.

The result is a compelling reward. It is a gem that is likely to be loved and embraced by everyone who has enjoyed his music as their faithful companion on the spiritual path.

Musicians and Chants on Trust in the Heart

Trust in the Heart was recorded at the legendary Avatar studios in New York. It was produced by both KD and recording industry luminary, collaborator, and friend Jay Messina. The album features some of KD’s most long-time musical companions. These include Nina Rao, Arjun Bruggeman, David Nichtern, Genevieve Walker, and John McDowell. In addition, Trust in the Heart features a particularly special return of vocalist (and KD’s own daughter) Janaki Kagel. Janaki appeared with KD in the chant “Mere Gurudev” (one of the jewels of the Door of Faith album). On Trust in the Heart, she sings on the new song “River Of Mahamantra.”

Trust in the Heart marks the first Krishna Das mantra music album to feature an original chant composed to his guru, Neem Karoli Baba (commonly called Maharaji). It is the emotionally stirring track “Namoh.” Over many decades of chanting, Krishna Das has introduced Maharaji to numerous generations of spiritual seekers.

This musical treasure will find a special place in the hearts of those souls. It certainly has in mine.