LA Yoga 2016 Fashion Horizontal 10

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Photo By: David Young-Wolff
Yoga Pose: Ellette Craddock
Hair: JJ Jeffries
Makeup: Dawn Sorenson
Styling: Bree Montanarello
Shot on location – Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica
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Ellette demonstrates that balancing asks us to engage in the art of concentration and focus. When we practice a pose like bakasana, or crow pose, on the surface of a Bosu ball, it ups the game allowing us to really test our practice. Ellette has her hands on the new Bosu Sport Balance Trainer. The compact size allows this piece of fitness gear to be easily transported and stored for practice.

The sports bra by Prana holds up even when you are upside down, as Ellette demonstrated here. For Evelina Poghosyan’s new yoga line InstaFit, she bases her designs on the four elements of air (creativity), fire (personal power), water (fantastic relationships), and earth (successful career) so that each items of clothing is in alignment with our practice. InstaFit is made in LA out of fabrics made from recycled bottles and eco-friendly dyes. Ellette is wearing the Soul Cleansing leggings by InstaFit. In addition, Ellette’s ring is part of the yoga-inspired Silver Collection by jewelry designer Sonja Picard.