LA Yoga 2016 Fashion Firefly pose

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Photo By: David Young-Wolff
Yoga Pose: Ellette Craddock
Hair: JJ Jeffries
Makeup: Dawn Sorenson
Styling: Bree Montanarello
Shot on location – Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica
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Dedicated yogini Ada Hung believes that performance wear should also be fun and fashionable. Her company Balini Sports delivers. In firefly pose (titibhasana), Kate Hinkens is wearing the Aime Yoga Bra in Stone and the Diva Leggings in black and stone. The Diva Leggings’ stirrup bottom keeps the pants stable in any position and prevents bunching as you flow through a vinyasa or other sequence. Balini Sports’ four-way stretch non-see-through fabrics are made with eco-responsible low-waste technologies allowing you to wear your commitment on your sleeve—or ankle. Kate is also wearing a mala from one of the gorgeous designs produced by Mala Collective.