LA Yoga 2016 Fashion King Pigeon Pose

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Photo By: David Young-Wolff
Yoga Pose: Ellette Craddock & Kate Hinkens
Hair: JJ Jeffries
Makeup: Dawn Sorenson
Styling: Bree Montanarello
Shot on location – Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica
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While yoga is an individual practice, sharing a class with other people can be a powerful motivator and a fun community building event. Here, Kate and Ellette match poses and outfits in a variation of King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana). They are both wearing the new Loving Bra by Electric Yoga. One of the places to buy Electric Yoga in LA is at fashion designer Michele Boubot’s Namastday Yoga Studio in Beverly Hills.

Kate and Ellette paired the Loving Bra with pants by Bohemian Island. The Thai company’s harem pants are comfortable enough to live in and perfect to practice in. Bohemian Island’s pants are hand-stiched with a noticeable attention to detail and 10% of proceeds support the Soi Dog Foundation on Phuket, an organization who looks after 1,000 stray dogs and cats and advocates for animal adoption.