Five Day Yoga will help beginners and experienced yogis with establishing a daily yoga practice.

Building a daily yoga practice requires a level of planning, intention, and consistency that can be difficult in the midst of an already full life. For this reason, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Ashley Turner offers yoga practitioners manageable 15-minute sequences in this DVD. The eloquent and accessible sessions can be done independently or linked together for a longer session. The overarching aim of the series is to lay the foundation for a dedicated practice, creating the positive habits that lead to transformation.

Five Day Yoga is divided into five themed physical practices, each with a short warm-up and savasana (final relaxation). The Strength and Stamina sequence strengthens the lower body and builds endurance with standing poses. Energy and Flexibility is an invigorating sequence, great for transitioning sluggish energy any time of day. The Core Power session gets you going in the morning, to condition the cardiovascular system and strengthen the abdominal muscles and core. In contrast, the Stretch & Restore is particularly helpful after a long day, targeting the back of the body to unwind tightness and improve posture. The final offering, Stress Relief and Meditation, is perfect for an anytime check-in to reconnect mind and body with a simple but powerful breath-based meditation.

The beautiful coastline garden setting, along with Turner’s soothing voice and graceful sequencing, creates an environment that encourages focus with ease. Five Day Yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga students creating a committed practice.  


Element Presents: 5 Day Yoga DVD

With Ashley Turner

Dragonfly Productions, Inc.


Reviewed by Beth Prandini, a YogaWorks certified teacher and lover of all things media: