Pantha du Prince’s The Triad

  The Triad is the latest release from Hendrik Weber (aka Pantha du Prince), a German Minimal Techno/House producer and composer and installation artist. In the crowded electronic music space, Pantha du Prince has carved a unique sound of ethereal, melodic, and acoustic elements, field recordings, and psychedelic dream pop that I suspect has had influence on the [...]

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Element Presents: 5 Day Yoga DVD Review

  Five Day Yoga will help beginners and experienced yogis with establishing a daily yoga practice. Building a daily yoga practice requires a level of planning, intention, and consistency that can be difficult in the midst of an already full life. For this reason, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Ashley Turner offers yoga practitioners manageable 15-minute [...]

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Like a River to the Sea Music Review

  Like a River to the Sea uses traditional kirtan instruments to produce chakra-expanding sounds. Singer, violinist, and composer Jahnavi Harrison has an interesting backstory; she grew up in the Hare Krishna community Bhaktivedanta Manor, a beautiful country estate in the UK donated by George Harrison and the largest Hare Krishna community in Europe. At 19, she [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

Ira Israel, renowned psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, guides us on an uplifting journey to explore the never-ending quest for happiness. As children, we develop survival tools, which carried into adulthood can hinder our ability to show up authentically and in the present moment. Through acceptance, vulnerability, mindfulness, gratitude, and love, we can break the chain [...]

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Media Reviews: CDs

Terry Oldfield's latest release is one of those records capturing the spirit and penetrating into the unseen realm of inner harmony using melodic flute solos that project sweet and joyful images. Oldfield is a critically acclaimed master artist who generates the sounds of nature and blends it with his skills on flutes and pan pipes [...]

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