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Teacher Profile – Guru Jagat


One of the most notable features of the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology in Venice is the gong. It’s the only 60-inch gong in Los Angeles and the stories around it are the stuff of myth—mixed […]

Yogi Cameron – A Model Guru


I love Yogi Cameron. There, I said it. In fact, I love him so much that I deleted my favorite episodes of Law and Order SVU on my DVR so that I could fill it up with more episodes of […]

Annie Carpenter: The Reverberating Voice of the Teacher


By Julie Buckner On a Sunday morning in late September, Annie Carpenter approached me in class, “Julie, I notice your knees are moving into hyperextension. You need to lift the arch of your foot and work to press your calf […]

Sommer Thome: Dancing All the Way to the Mat


You know how sometimes you meet someone for the first time who immediately feels like a good friend? That was my feeling when I first met Sommer Thome, an energetic and talented Canadian now living in Los Angeles. We met […]

Nancy Norby: Strength at the Core

Oct Teacher Profile1

For Nancy Norby, a barre teacher for almost three decades, core strength goes far beyond the physical. A solid center — whether in class, at the barre, or in life — is paramount for success in all things. This may […]

Garth McLean: Walking the fine line between courage and caution

Garth web1 jpg

“What do I do now?” Garth McLean asked his doctor. On May 23, 1996, Garth lay in a hospital bed at UCLA Medical Center, basically unable to walk. What felt like a pinched nerve had quickly progressed into the loss […]

Caroline Klebl: Returning to the Source

Caroline Klebl 1

The Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga include powerful disciplines and practice; among the most familiar is the third, the asana practice. Many people can spend their entire lives sitting comfortably on this branch of Yoga, never striving to climb to […]

Guy and Seychelle Gabriel

Yoga on the Road 3

Sharing Yoga on the Road Yoga practice at the Gabriel household in Burbank (Guy and Michelle and their children, Seychelle and Dylan) has become a family affair, particularly  for Guy and Seychelle. Guy’s enthusiasm for the practice is infectious—and had […]

Teacher Profile: Lauren Peterson

Lauren Peterson 1

When you see pictures of Lauren Peterson in Yoga, the book published by Yoga Journal, or watch her unbelievable YouTube videos, where she’s blithely moving through Ashtanga’s fourth series at the age of 53, you might assume she’d be a […]

Saul David Raye: Inspiring a Healing Journey

Saul David Raye 1

When I was pregnant with my second daughter Ava, I thought I had learned the lessons of unconditional love. I would lose sleep, just watching my two-year-old Xenia slumber. I thought my life was so blessed; I thought I was […]

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