Six Tastes in Ayurveda

In 1990, I was a culinary student at the Cordon Bleu in San Francisco and worked for Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkeley. My goal was to study and work in France and ultimately I spent a year-and-a-half honing my craft in Paris and Provence. With all my formal education I must admit that [...]

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Ayurveda Balance: The Hub of the Wheel

Attention to all 8 Spokes on the Wheel of Life is Important for Wellbeing The Wheel of Wellbeing is our internal navigational device. Learning how to steer it confidently to our intended destination ensures security, accomplishment, and happiness for ourselves as well as for those who rely on us. This wheel consists of eight integrated [...]

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Ayurveda for Daily Life

Retrain your Taste Buds We are creatures of habit and our habits then perpetuate everything about us as a creature. For example, our relationship with our taste buds is in some ways a habit. We become habituated to taste and this affects how we we then make choices about what we eat based in part [...]

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Self-Care As Self-Love

Self-care practices rich in nourishment and self-love can be found in Ayurveda. For any operating system, regular maintenance is key to optimal performance and longevity. For our human operating system maintenance includes regular self-care in order to experience a finely tuned physical body, healthy state of mind, a well-balanced emotional operating system, and a daily dose [...]

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Weathering a Windy Day

7 Ayurvedic Antidotes for Energy of the Vata Dosha The windows rattle, the cold seeps in through the cracks, branches crash onto sidewalks, we may have trouble sleeping, and we feel the chill on our face and neck. I know that I feel the effects when the wind does its dance on windy days and I [...]

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The Prime book review

The Prime: Prepare and Repair Your Body for Spontaneous Weight Loss Digestion is the cornerstone of our health, according to Ayurveda. This is recognized by integrative neurologist Dr Kulreet Chaudhary, Chief Medical Officer for New Practices and former Director of Wellspring Health at Scripps Memorial Hospital. Dr Chaudhary’s exploration of Ayurveda began when she was [...]

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Demystifying Tongue Scraping and Neti Pots

Practices for a Supportive Daily Routine   How often do we really observe our tongues?  This may not be a common habit for most people but Ayurveda believes that the tongue reveals information about our internal health; and in the daily practice called Dinacharya, the observation of and scraping of the tongue is as important [...]

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Healing Sounds for Yoga, Mindfulness & Creativity

  Music has the powerful potential to heal. Fortunately, there are a number of amazing resources available to us to incorporate the therapeutic effect of music in our everyday life. One of the latest is produced by accomplished world musician Yuval Ron in the four CD set Healing Sounds for Yoga, Mindfulness & Creativity: Aural [...]

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The Magic of Nasya

An Ayurvedic Practice to Awaken Perception By Jeff Perlman Imagine taking a simple inhalation that is far more powerful than one of the hundreds of unconscious breaths you take each day.  This inhalation carries the magic of an Ayurvedic herbal formula that not only awakens your perception, but also stimulates your intelligence and balances the [...]

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destressifying by davidji book review

davidji explains stress management techniques in his new book, destressifying. All biases aside (he taught me how to meditate after all), davidji delivers a gem with his second book destressifying. I can personally attest to his mastery of stress management and the Vedic teachings of meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda, all of which combine to offer [...]

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