Visiting Amma: Guidelines for Receiving Hugs and Meditating

Amma How to Visit Amma Hug Sara IvanhoeIf you’ve ever wanted to go see Amma, the famous hugging saint and spiritual teacher, but you haven’t known just what to do, we have a set of instructions for you.

Arrive! In Los Angeles, Amma’s programs are held at the […]

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Original Light Book Review

The same devotion-filled voice of musician Snatam Kaur fills the pages of Original Light.

If you’ve heard celebrated mantra singer Snatam Kaur chant, you were likely moved by her devotion-filled voice. In her desire to help sustain such inspiration beyond the concert hall, she’s penned a new book that guides people on “a

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Ananda Temple of Light Formal Opening

The Ananda Temple of Light is a place of community, meditation, Kriya yoga, and spiritual living.

The sangha of Ananda Los Angeles has long had a presence in the City of Angels.  Its first formal temple was established in 2007 on Main Street in Santa Monica.  Over the years, the location […]

Melissa Hoon is a journalist currently training to become a Yoga instructor. She is a devoted graduate student of cultural studies and is passionate about her volunteer work, including in Vietnam on medical missions, in New Orleans rebuilding Hurricane Katrina victims? homes, and in South Africa at a home for abandoned, abused, and neglected children. These experiences have led Melissa to seek a lifestyle of helping and healing, namely through various meditation practices.
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Sacred Partnerships: in Business and Society


When we consider a partnership related to sacred business, we can recognize that Americans collectively already have a lot of experience in sacred partnership. For example, we co-created over generations what we call the land of the free and the home of the brave. It isn’t […]

Natalie Wynne Pace is the co-creator of the Earth Day Gratitude Project and the author of the Amazon bestsellers The Gratitude Game, The ABCs of Money and Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is. Since 2002, Natalie Pace has been touring the world and featuring the most sustainable businesses, farms, individuals, restaurants and homes. Download your free Earth Day Gratitude mini ebook (featuring Deepak Chopra, The Prince of Wales, Life is Good, the Earth Day Network, Lynne Twist, Ron Finley and more) at Learn more about Natalie Pace at
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Ciclavia 2014 - WilshireInspired by the Sunday ciclovías, or bikeways, in Bogota, Colombia, where streets are blocked off to automobile traffic allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and street performers to take over, a small group of bike enthusiasts banded together with environmental activists and urban planners to bring […]

Joni Yung loves finding things to do around LA — especially ones that are free and good for you. Follow her on Twitter at @ayogist
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A Tribute to S. N. Goenka

S. N. Goenka

Satya Narayan Goenka

(January 30, 1924 – September 29, 2013)

Vipassana is a method of meditation in which the mind and body is understood by turning awareness to the senses. Holding that sensation is the gateway to our understanding of the world, the systematic exploration of […]

Vanessa Harris is a writer, Associate Producer of Bhakti Fest, and the Editorial Coordinator at Bliss Network.
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People Power in the Park

Community Partnerships Power Practice

There’s nothing better than practicing Yoga outdoors with friends, family, and live music—unless you’re doing all of this and serving the community by supporting the efforts of a hard-working nonprofit organization. This combination has been the great effort […]

Jordan Younger is a student at Loyola Marymount University and a Yoga teacher in training who loves the ocean, being outdoors, and tasting delicious vegetarian food around L.A. She hopes write novels in the future, and if she is not on the yoga mat you will probably find her at the beach, hiking with her friends, or playing with her adorable nieces.
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Shakti Fest Survival Guide

Spring has fully sprung and with it, the Festival Season. First on the list is Shakti Fest, held in the serene Joshua Tree Retreat Center. The days and nights of May will be filled with yoga classes, spiritual lectures, organic vegetarian […]

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10 Reasons You Cannot Miss The Tadasana Festival

1. The two-hour Off the Mat, Into the World (pictured left) benefit class featuring Seane Corn and four top YogaWorks teachers–Lisa Walford, Kathryn Budig, Kia Miller and Joan Hyman–backed by Masood Ali Khan and a special performance by Jai Uttal.

2. […]

Vanessa Harris is a writer, Associate Producer of Bhakti Fest, and the Editorial Coordinator at Bliss Network.
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Arm and Arm

They say follow your bliss but I say follow your pain. Because I’m starting to notice that when I follow my pain, then my bliss follows me.

This happened recently with my arm pain. The pain had become so bad that at the end of class, […]

Beth Lapides is currently touring her show 100% Happy 88% of the Time and teaching The Comedian?s Way workshops. Subscribe to the new My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat podcast on iTunes or listen to it on Email her at [email protected]
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