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Ciclavia 2014 - Wilshire

Inspired by the Sunday ciclovías, or bikeways, in Bogota, Colombia, where streets are blocked off to automobile traffic allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and street performers to take over, a small group of bike enthusiasts banded together with environmental activists and urban […]

A Tribute to S. N. Goenka

S. N. Goenka

Satya Narayan Goenka (January 30, 1924 – September 29, 2013) Vipassana is a method of meditation in which the mind and body is understood by turning awareness to the senses. Holding that sensation is the gateway to our understanding of […]

People Power in the Park

Power in the Park 1

Community Partnerships Power Practice There’s nothing better than practicing Yoga outdoors with friends, family, and live music—unless you’re doing all of this and serving the community by supporting the efforts of a hard-working nonprofit organization. This combination has been the […]

Shakti Fest Survival Guide

Sara at Bhakti Fest 1

Spring has fully sprung and with it, the Festival Season. First on the list is Shakti Fest, held in the serene Joshua Tree Retreat Center. The days and nights of May will be filled with yoga classes, spiritual lectures, organic […]

10 Reasons You Cannot Miss The Tadasana Festival

Off the Mat, into the World

1. The two-hour Off the Mat, Into the World (pictured left) benefit class featuring Seane Corn and four top YogaWorks teachers–Lisa Walford, Kathryn Budig, Kia Miller and Joan Hyman–backed by Masood Ali Khan and a special performance by Jai Uttal. […]

Arm and Arm

Beth Lapides: My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat

They say follow your bliss but I say follow your pain. Because I’m starting to notice that when I follow my pain, then my bliss follows me. This happened recently with my arm pain. The pain had become so bad […]

Community: Open Doors

YOGA LIFESTYLE CENTER IN ATWATER VILLAGE: SANTOSHA SPACE is a family-friendly, kid-welcoming, and stress-free zone for people in all stages of life located in Atwater Village on Glendale Boulevard. Santosha is a Sanskrit word that refers to a state of […]

Serving The Inner And Outer Environment


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Speaks On Consciousness And Our Ecology “We have always used the water of holy rivers like the Ganga and Yamuna to purify ourselves, but today we have reached a point where we have to purify this […]

Seva In Action: Yogis For A Fur-Free Hollywood


As students and teachers of Yoga, we make the commitment to follow the observances and ethical precepts of the yamas and niyamas as they relate to all sentient beings. More than five hundred conscious citizens demonstrated their commitment to animal […]

Creating A Healing Home Environment

An Elemental Home Makeover And Ayurvedic Spring Clease According to Ayurveda, the universe is made up of Five Great Elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Ether is the space that connects life together in all of its manifestations. Air […]

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