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A Revolution of the Heart


Marianne Williamson Of the People. By the People. For the People. Marianne Williamson is one of this generation’s most influential teachers. She began her career as a lecturer in Los Angeles in 1983 and since then has published 10 books, […]

Ringo: Peace & Love Exhibit Opens at the GRAMMY Museum

Ringo Exhibit

An unprecedented exhibit dedicated to the phenomenal career of rock star drummer Ringo Starr made its debut at the GRAMMY museum on June 12, 2013. Ringo: Peace & Love delves into the creative and personal life of the music legend […]

Radiance Sutras: Mighty Shakti

Mighty Shakti

Just for a moment, let’s breathe in awe and delight with Shakti, for She is power and always awesome. In English, we might refer to her as “Mother Nature.” We are all powered by Shakti, and when we practice Yoga, […]

“US” by Lisa Oz

Liza Oz "Us"

Lisa Oz may be known as the wife of ubiquitous physician Dr. Mehmet Oz, but her written work proves that she is a force to be reckoned with who has a set of valuable thoughts about how we can cultivate […]

Colors Of Love

The Hues Of Our Aura Reveal Our Persona And Preferences In Partners What kind of personality are you? What are your goals and purposes? How do you process life – physically, mentally, or emotionally? What kind of marriage partner is […]

Karma Yoga: Political Strategy, Spiritual Strength

As director of in Washington, D.C., Jasmine Chehrazi already has an impressive resume at the age of 29. She has opened studios in and taught in outreach programs in poor neighborhoods, created a database of hundreds of Yoga teachers […]

The Healing Art Of Kalari

The Grace Of Oil Massage On Straw Mats Awakens The Circulation Of Prana Nearly naked, sitting a straw mat in a sparsely furnished room in Kannur, Kerala, simultaneously vulnerable, curious and expectant, I waited for my first treatment session to […]

Bhakti Fest

When in 2009, the first Bhakti Fest vibrated the desert sand with mantra singing in all the hours of the day and night; it was compared to Woodstock for its impact on a movement and a generation. Yet it could […]

For This I Am Grateful

Teaching Our Children Gratitude And Contentment The Sanskrit word santosha means contentment. Contentment is a slippery idea: If we say that we are not content, or feeling discontented, there are those who will look upon us as being ungrateful, or […]

When Mercury Retrograde Is A Good Thing

Sounds Like Yoga Budha / Mercury The Indian name fofor the planet Mercury is Budha, derived from the Sanskrit root “budh,” which means “awaken, become aware.” A “buddha” is an “awakened one.” With its slightly different spelling, “budha” means “awakening,” […]

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