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Finding the Self at Curative Yoga in Pasadena

These words stenciled on the back steps of the Curative Yoga studio in Pasadena: Increase energy, Improve concentration and Inner Peace foretell a likely future for yogis who enter this vortex of involution. Inside, the Vastu (Vedic feng shui) is working overtime in 4,000 square feet of devotion, conspicuously optimized for bliss. There is nothing [...]

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Liberation Yoga has a New Home

“We’ve moved!!!” says Liberation Yoga Co-Owner Christine Burke. It is not an easy thing for a yoga studio to do, but Liberation Yoga has changed locations after 15 years. And successfully. Creating Community on La Brea in LA For 15 years, Liberation has lived in the heart of LA on La Brea. They’re still on [...]

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Bhakti Fest is the Spiritual Woodstock for the New Millennium

September 25-30, Bhakti Fest Celebrates in 29 Palms, California Bhakti Fest is the only festival of its kind that celebrates the devotional path with roots in Bhakti Yoga, Kirtan, and meditation. This festival embraces ancient and modern sacred wisdom and traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. This year has been one for change, including Bhakti Fest’s [...]

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Yoga Gives Back: Can Empowering Women Save Lives?

  Addressing the tragedies of rape and suicide among young girls in West Bengal, India In the past twelve years, Yoga Gives Back has shared numerous uplifting stories of transformation. Thanks to our growing global yoga community’s support, Yoga Gives Back has helped to empower more than 1,300 underserved women and children with micro-loan programs [...]

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Shanti Hot Yoga is a Sanctuary in Culver City

Photo of Shanti Hot Yoga by Hubert Cheng (IG @hubertsphotoarcade) Spa-Like Wellness in Culver City As soon as you walk into Shanti Hot Yoga, there’s a sense of peace as the Ayurvedic inspired design immediately takes you out of the city and into a place centered around the five elements of nature. This [...]

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