Gift Guide for Yogis

While we don’t really need anything for our practice, some of our curated Gift Guide items can be welcome additions for daily use. Try giving an antibacterial cover for a yoga block (blocsoc), inspirational jewelry (Gogh Jewelry Design), chocolate (Wei of Chocolate), cushioning for joints (Yoga Jellies), high-performance clothing (Yummy & Trendy), bottles that create restructured water (Golden Ratio Products), clothing with exclusive artwork (Yoga Democracy), and hand-block printed yoga gear (Chattra).

Gift Guide Chattra Yoga Gear

Gift Guide Chattra Divine Yoga Gear

Small-batch, hand-block printed yoga bolsters and meditation cushions crafted by artisans in India, finished in the USA. India-inspired prints and rich colors are divine in any home or studio setting. Available at select LA studios including The Den Meditation seen in photo. (Read about The Den in LA YOGA).Online, ship free with code SHIPFREELAY until 12/15/17.

Gift Guide Yoga Jellies

Gift Guide Yogajellies

YogaJellies allow you to minimize the setback from sore or injured joints so you can focus without pain on the challenge of growing, stretching, and exercising. YogaJellies can help you continue to challenge your muscles while protecting your joints. From yoga to the weight room, they are the perfect companions to your fitness routine.

Gift Guide Yummy and Trendy

Gift Guide Yummy & Trendy®

Yummy & Trendy® is a high-performance activewear brand designed for you to Wear it. Feel it. Love it.® Our mission is to design and create premium quality products out of high-performance fabrics. Every piece is comfortable, versatile and can be worn to your lifestyle. (Check out Yummy & Trendy in the LA YOGA Fashion Spread worn by Imuri Pacheo and worn by Madison McDonough.)

Gift Guide Gogh Jewelry Design

Gift Guide Gogh Jewelry Design

Sometimes a deep breath is all you need to regroup and re-energize. Wear our grounding pendant, conveniently etched with the magic word: “BREATHE”. Made for yogis, scuba divers and for those who are just a little too busy, who forget to relax and enjoy the simpler things. After all, you can’t stop and smell the roses if you’re running out of breath. Read about designer Szilvia Gogh’s strength after breast cancer treatment in LA YOGA.

Gift Guide Wei of Chocolate

Gift Guide Wei of Chocolate

Chocolate is always a Yes! Luscious, organic chocolate melting in your mouth brings you mindfully into the present moment. Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, Paleo. Infused with flower remedies to balance body & mind. Guided meditations available. Nine delicious flavors! Up to 20% off at

Gift Guide blocsoc

Gift Guide blocsoc

Give the gift of a healthy, relaxing practice with BlocSoc. Perfect for the frequent class-taker, BlocSoc is a stretchy, form-fitting, antibacterial cover for a yoga block. It simply slips on and off for easy use and cleaning. Banish worry about sharing studio blocks—and clear the mind for fulfilling practices.

Gift Guide Thank You Bottles Golden Ratio Products

Gift Guide Thank You Bottles

The only 100% natural water bottle, and the unique, patented Golden Ratio design restructures & revitalizes water. Your body is 75% water, and requires water in its natural, structured state for true hydration (think: snowflake). Bottled water is energetically dead (unstructured) from being processed. Bring your water back to life!

Gift Guide Yoga Democracy

Gift Guide Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy offers ecofriendly & sustainable active wear, handcrafted in AZ, using luxury fabrics derived from recycled fibers such as plastic water bottles. Featuring exclusive artist designed prints & techno-fabric, their products marry art with function, keeping skin cool during hot workouts, and making them the perfect gift for all yogis!

Felicia M. Tomasko
Felicia Tomasko has spent more of her life practicing Yoga and Ayurveda than not. She first became introduced to the teachings through the writings of the Transcendentalists, through meditation, and using asana to cross-train for her practice of cross-country running. Between beginning her commitment to Yoga and Ayurveda and today, she earned degrees in environmental biology and anthropology and nursing, and certifications in the practice and teaching of yoga, yoga therapy, and Ayurveda while working in fields including cognitive neuroscience and plant biochemistry. Her commitment to writing is at least as long as her commitment to yoga. Working on everything related to the written word from newspapers to magazines to websites to books, Felicia has been writing and editing professionally since college. In order to feel like a teenager again, Felicia has pulled out her running shoes for regular interval sessions throughout Southern California. Since the very first issue of LA YOGA, Felicia has been part of the team and the growth and development of the Bliss Network.