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The Kara Love Project

Catalysts for Service The Kara Love Project is a heartfelt example of how our heartbreak and grief can become catalysts for deepening our service in the world. Sometimes how we can cope with and even transform sorrow can be found in community, particularly if we’ve been cultivating throughout life. For Lily and Dave Dulan, this [...]

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The Impact of Yoga Gives Back

Yoga Gives Back Ambassadors Visit India Visiting India to see change in action. “Why is there no yoga class that gives back to India?” Eleven years ago, I asked this simple question of yoga teachers, studio owners, and yogi friends. There were many charity yoga classes for HIV patients, cancer survivors, animal rescues, [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Nicole Chavez

UPLIFT teen mentors share some laughter. Photo by Natalie Moser UPLIFT Teen Mentor Nicole Chavez finds that even five minutes of yoga practice can make a difference in her day. As a nurse and yoga teacher, she calls on her practice to help her connect with people. She finds inspiration in being part of [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Lena Parker

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors photographed by Natalie Moser UPLIFT Teen Yoga Program Mentor Lena Parker is motivated by compassion, learns a lot from being mentor, and appreciates receiving advice from the teens in the program. Join her and the rest of the UPLIFT Mentors at the upcoming Fall Equinox YOGA BASH on September [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Kelsey Delane

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors Photographed by Nicole Moser UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentor Kelsey Delane finds strength in herself through yoga. A strength she shares with the community at UPLIFT Yoga. Join her and the rest of the community at the UPLIFT Yoga BASH on September 21. What brought you to yoga? I was a [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Avery McCaslin

UPLIFT Teen Mentors photo by Natalie Moser       UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentor Avery McCaslin is one of the women participating in the innovative mentorship programs for youth provided by UPLIFT Yoga Foundation. She will be at the UPLIFT Yoga Bash. She shares her personal practice, her superpower, what she's reading, and what [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Yoga Founder Erica Austin

Photo of UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors by Natalie Moser Inspiration with Erica Austin UPLIFT Founder + Mentor Erica Austin is a go-getter. She's the Founder of UPLIFT Yoga Foundation including the nonprofit organization's Teen Yoga program. Erica is also someone you'd want to have as your BFF. She believes in uplifting and empowering the [...]

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Thailand-based fashion company Bohemian Island partners with Soi Dog Foundation to Save Stray Dogs

Catalia is a French-Thai Phuket native. She's a vegan and animal lover who has adopted two street dogs. Her family also takes care of many stray cats on their hotel resort on nearby PhiPhi Island. During photo shoots, stray dogs spontaneously visit her on the beach. Wear #PuppySavingPants When Wearing Bohemian Island “We [...]

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