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Yoga Gives Back – Microcredit Lending

From Posture To Power: Microcredit Changes Lives On Both Sides of the Ocean By: Kayoko Mitsumatsu We can talk about making change. But affecting real change in the world comes from impacting the lives of individuals. It comes from empowering people to be independent and able to make a living on their own while at the [...]

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Beagles Find New Homes in LA

The Beagle Freedom Project places animals used in lab testing in loving rehabilitative homes. My husband and I have loved and owned beagles for years, but I must admit we had not heard about the Beagle Freedom Project until a little over eighteen months ago. Our adventure began when we viewed a short story on [...]

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Connecting to Clean the Ganges River

"When I am alone in the half-light of the canyon, all existence seems to fade to a being of my soul and memories... Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." ~ Norman Maclean Imagine standing in the midst of a wide, flowing river, looking up toward its source: the soaring [...]

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Los Angeles Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

Time to stock up on your canvas totes. After years of debating, a plastic bag ban written by Councilman Paul Koretz is well on its way to being enforced. On Tuesday, June 18th the Los Angeles City Council voted to approve the ban with a vote of 11:1. Due to the fact that the vote [...]

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Take Action for Animals

Southern California is infamous for having animal shelters filled with dogs and cats that could easily be winners at pet shows. In 2009, in the City and County of Los Angeles, 102,000 homeless pets were put to sleep due to lack of space. Over 30% of these animals are of purebred and desirable mixes including [...]

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People Power in the Park

Community Partnerships Power Practice There’s nothing better than practicing Yoga outdoors with friends, family, and live music—unless you're doing all of this and serving the community by supporting the efforts of a hard-working nonprofit organization. This combination has been the great effort of Yoga Vista’s Power in the Park series of classes. Yoga Vista has [...]

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LA ROCKS! Operation Shanti

When I visited Mysore, India, the source of my vinyasa flow and Mysore practice, I fell in love. I fell in love with the country, the chaos and the contradictions. I also fell in love with the people. After practicing at the Yoga Shala, I often passed through a slum where kids excitedly introduced themselves [...]

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Yoga Rave for a Cause

RAISING THE VIBRATION OF THE PLANET Most yogis have never heard of a “yoga rave,” although many are intrigued by the concept: high-energy yoga, dancing, music and substance-free celebration. Erica Austin also sees it as an opportunity to explore the Sanskrit meaning of the word yoga by uniting the community for a worthy cause. With [...]

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On My Nightstand by Jeffrey Smith

The information necessary to make informed choices about our health and wellness is part of the mission of The HealthKeepers Alliance and the Health Freedom Expo. Jeffrey M. Smith is a global spokesperson on the health dangers of genetically modified foods. His documentary, Genetic Roulette—The Gamble of Our Lives, was the 2012 Movie of the Year [...]

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Seva: Kundalini Rising for Miri Piri Academy

Snatam Kaur shares her experiences At the age of 18, few young people dream about a trip to India. But chant artist Snatam Kaur did just that, spending six months as a teaching assistant at Miri Piri Academy, the residential children’s school in India founded on the principles of education taught by Yogi Bhajan. Snatam [...]

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