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Till the Cows Come Home: The Gentle Barn

If you want to know what love is, all you need to do is spent a few hours at a very special place called, The Gentle Barn. Founded in 1999 by Ellie Laks, on a half-acre property in Tarzana, The Gentle Barn now occupies a six-acre paradise in Santa Clarita, CA, which is complete with [...]

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Unlikely Heroes – Rescuing Child Victims of Sex Slavery

North Hollywood-based anti-human trafficking organization Unlikely Heroes is on a global mission. Operating programs on the ground in the Philippines, Thailand, and Mexico, Unlikely Heroes rescues, restores, and rehabilitates child victims of sex slavery. Unlikely Heroes works in these high-risk areas to rescue kids and restore their lives by providing safe housing, medical care, nutrition, education, therapy, and life skills. The group also raises funds for [...]

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It Takes a Village…. The LA No Kill Movement

by Lisa Avebury In 1989, I had been in Los Angeles less than a year. I was fresh out of college, knew only one person, and felt ungrounded. On a particularly lonely day, an old friend showed up -- one who, in this lifetime; chose to wear a dog suit. When his eyes connected with [...]

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Marianne Williamson Throws her Hat in the Ring

This afternoon, renowned author, speaker, and advocate for community involvement in social change, Marianne Williamson, has announced her independent candidacy for the US House of Representatives, California District 33. Marianne's insightful analysis of political issues, her commitment to democracy and citizen participation, her dedication to spiritual ideals and conversation, and her meaningful engagement in positive [...]

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Yoga Gives Back – Microcredit Lending

From Posture To Power: Microcredit Changes Lives On Both Sides of the Ocean By: Kayoko Mitsumatsu We can talk about making change. But affecting real change in the world comes from impacting the lives of individuals. It comes from empowering people to be independent and able to make a living on their own while at the [...]

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Beagles Find New Homes in LA

The Beagle Freedom Project places animals used in lab testing in loving rehabilitative homes. My husband and I have loved and owned beagles for years, but I must admit we had not heard about the Beagle Freedom Project until a little over eighteen months ago. Our adventure began when we viewed a short story on [...]

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Connecting to Clean the Ganges River

"When I am alone in the half-light of the canyon, all existence seems to fade to a being of my soul and memories... Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." ~ Norman Maclean Imagine standing in the midst of a wide, flowing river, looking up toward its source: the soaring [...]

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Los Angeles Bans Plastic Shopping Bags

Time to stock up on your canvas totes. After years of debating, a plastic bag ban written by Councilman Paul Koretz is well on its way to being enforced. On Tuesday, June 18th the Los Angeles City Council voted to approve the ban with a vote of 11:1. Due to the fact that the vote [...]

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Take Action for Animals

Southern California is infamous for having animal shelters filled with dogs and cats that could easily be winners at pet shows. In 2009, in the City and County of Los Angeles, 102,000 homeless pets were put to sleep due to lack of space. Over 30% of these animals are of purebred and desirable mixes including [...]

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People Power in the Park

Community Partnerships Power Practice There’s nothing better than practicing Yoga outdoors with friends, family, and live music—unless you're doing all of this and serving the community by supporting the efforts of a hard-working nonprofit organization. This combination has been the great effort of Yoga Vista’s Power in the Park series of classes. Yoga Vista has [...]

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