Say Yes to Wellness: Global Wellness Day Celebrated Worldwide on June 11

With the slogan, “One Day Can Change Your Whole Life,” Turkish destination spa owner and cancer survivor Belgin Aksoy sparked a worldwide movement that is now celebrated in 100 countries. Now celebrating its fifth year, Global Wellness Day is an initiative centered on making wellness a focus—even for one day—and then allowing that to have [...]

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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy: A Single Woman’s Babymoon

Indulge in a Babymoon, a pre-birth vacation to help expecting mothers enjoy the last moments of pregnancy. Walking has become more like waddling. Sleep, as much as you need it right now, is fleeting as you fight to find a position that’s comfortable. Every moment of silent relaxation is interrupted by the thought, “In two [...]

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Spa Review: Paradise Point Resort and Spa San Diego

Spa Review: Island Mud Treatment at Paradise Point Resort and Spa, San Diego If you can’t find a mud pool, head for the spa.  Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego offers a Hawaiian-inspired Island Mud Treatment using ingredients sourced seasonally from mineral-rich clays.  Following an all-over dry-glove exfoliation, your therapist will paint layers of [...]

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Renewal, Rebirth And Reintroductions To Totems

finding resolution through inner and outer journeys I’d grown increasingly restless for a renewal of spirit: With a politically hostile environment, eight years of a divided country and an economic meltdown of epic proportions I felt bereft of happiness and energy. Not to mention that my body was the heaviest it had ever been. Despite [...]

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