Rockstar Health & Fitness: Enrique Iglesias

I will never forget the first time I met Enrique Iglesias. His manager, Fernando, introduced us when I was working for The Firm, one of the most powerful management agencies in Hollywood. Enrique’s good looks and charm took my breath away when he immediately turned around and hugged me. He was one of our clients and we [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: OneRepublic

Every once in a while you hear a song that you instantly love.  The first time I heard Apologize, by OneRepublic, it was clear there was something special about this band. No surprise -- Apologize went on to break airplay records worldwide. OneRepublic has also experienced success with their singles, Good Life, All the Right Moves, Secrets, Stop and Stare, Feel [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Jon Bon Jovi

No doubt about it......time flies!  It seems like only yesterday that I was in high school with feathered hair watching Bon Jovi from the front row. Now instead of simply sitting in the audience singing along, I've helped spearhead the band’s US radio promotion and marketing campaign for the last few years.  During this time, [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness: Melissa Etheridge

We all have our own personal playlist to the soundtrack in our lives. Someone who is both one of my favorite artists as well as a contributor of several singles to my soundtrack is rock ‘n roll legend Melissa Etheridge. When I began my career in the music business, I was just out of college and living [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness – Neon Trees

There are many factors that determine if a song makes it all the way to Number One. Not only does the song need to connect with listeners, but the timing has to be just right. Literally, all the stars have to line up. I have watched this happen numerous times in my music business career; [...]

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Rockstar Health & Fitness – Diane Warren

Music has the power to cut through the layers of our lives and connect directly to the deepest parts of our heart and soul. It is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Music is one of my life’s passions, which is why working in the music business is a dream come true [...]

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Rockstar Fitness & Health: American Authors

What was the best day of your life? I think it's always fun to remember these moments when a familiar song takes us there. One of my favorites is the current hit single, “Best Day of My Life,” by the band American Authors. It’s a feel-good anthem with a catchy hook and positive lyrics. In [...]

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India.Arie – Prepare to Fly

India.Arie Embraces Meditation and Yoga to Fuel her Latest Album Many a yogi’s playlist has included a heartfelt composition by Grammy-winning soul singer India.Arie since her 2001 Motown Records debut, Acoustic Soul. India.Arie takes us right along with her with groovy beats and thoughtful lyrics in songs like, “Beautiful,”  “The Truth,” “Video,” and others. Her [...]

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A Revolution of the Heart

Marianne Williamson Of the People. By the People. For the People. Marianne Williamson is one of this generation’s most influential teachers. She began her career as a lecturer in Los Angeles in 1983 and since then has published 10 books, several of which are considered staples of a spiritual literary diet. Marianne has been a [...]

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Rockstar Health and Fitness with Iggy Azalea

When I first saw Iggy Azalea perform, I left the venue speechless! I was blown away by her talent and incredible performance. Her fashion style is dynamic, and her dancing abilities are beyond inspiring. I was excited to learn more about Iggy and her healthy secrets. Iggy Azalea has been blessed with incredible talent and has known exactly what she wanted [...]

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