The Benefits and Best Practices of Sound Healing 

Karen Seva Music Photograph by Martin Piers Dunkerton Traveling at the Speed of Sound Before there were eyes to see when a vast darkness still permeated the void, All rested beneath a firmament of Sound.” - Jeff Volk Everything makes music: the trees, the flowers, the birds, the stones, even human beings. Some [...]

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The Light Within: Songs for Yoga, Healing & Inner Peace by Juliet Lyons

Seek the Landscape of the Inner Spirit If you’re like me, you’ve frequently sought solace in music during these turbulent days. Juliet Lyons' latest project, The Light Within, is the perfect album to nestle into for a restorative respite. Created as a passion project by Lyons to uplift, strengthen, and heal; her music beckons listeners [...]

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Michael Mollura Composes Dream Music

Michael Mollura Dream Music composer photo courtesy of Adina Doria Listening to the Sounds of the Unconscious Michael Mollura, PhD, is one of those multi-hyphenate professionals as well as a sincere practitioner of the devotional arts and a longtime personality in the Bhakti yoga spiritual community. He is a person whose degrees [...]

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Ayla Nereo Shines in By The Light of the Dark Moon

The Voice of Empowerment: Ayla Nereo By The Light Of The Dark Moon is the sixth album from singer-songwriter Ayla Nereo. Her epic breakthrough is living proof of the power of perseverance and is a portrait of an artist in a moment on the cusp of global stardom. Not only is this her finest recorded [...]

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Satsang Raises Social Consciousness on Kulture

Satsang Photo by Mark Cluney Satsang Combines Eclectic Musical Roots with Meaningful Messages Satsang's music has roots in funk, folk rock, and hip-hop. Overall you'd file them under the category of "raising social consciousness,” along with other artists such as Citizen Cope, Ben Harper, and Michael Franti. Satsang is a superior example of the [...]

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Sid Sriram is a Musical Revelation with Entropy

    Sid Sriram Captivates From the first moment I heard Sid Sriram sing on his debut album Entropy, I found his voice, style, and edge revelatory. This Indian-American singer/songwriter/producer (based in Northern California) was discovered by Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman, who has used Sriram's vocals in many of his films. I love this debut, [...]

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Reclamation: A Collection of Mantras by Stephanie Carlin

Stephanie Carlin: Reclaiming Breath, Voice, and Mantra Stephanie Carlin has long been a performer and singer-songwriter. But it wasn’t until four years into her daily asana practice at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC that she fully accessed her breath and the power within it. This liberating experience, reinforced by the sounds of the mantras that accompany [...]

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Here In Heaven by Donna De Lory

Here In Heaven arrives like refreshing nectar to quench a world thirsty for some much-needed grace. Donna De Lory is known for her etheric, angelic vocals that envelop listeners in a dreamy, heart-centering haze, and her latest offering provides another opportunity to get wrapped in her mystical warmth. Whether the lush and layered “Heaven” or [...]

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Dub Mantra Sangha Remix by Joss Jaffe

Joss Jaffe & Music on Dub Mantra Remix Dub Mantra Sangha Remix is a follow-up album created by California-based musician, producer, and intercultural collaborator Joss Jaffe. His latest collection features nine reimagined tracks from his critically acclaimed release Dub Mantra Sangha. Community of Musicians In keeping with sangha, which means community, Joss has assembled a medley of [...]

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