Krishna Kirtan: Music as Meditation

The debut from ex-punk-rocker-turned-yogi Raghunath served as my traveling companion on a drive along the rocky coast of Maine. The album’s broad strokes, energized layers, and variety of beats proved to be a fine sonic complement to the rush and fade of Atlantic waters. The artist/yogi (never without his harmonium) is beloved worldwide for his [...]

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Safe Harbor: Healing Kirtan – Mahaprasad

One meaning of the word kirtan (phonetically keer-ton) is 'praise'. A variety of kirtan chants, often as call-and-response  were traditionally utilized as a method to pay respect to the Divine. In his fifth release, Safe Harbor: Healing Kirtan – Mahaprasad, master musician, poet, peace activist, award-winner, and healer Sudama Mark Kennedy delves soulfully into this [...]

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KALA by Trevor Hall

KALA  CD Review   by Trevor Hall Vanguard Records Close your eyes and listen deeply to the lyrics of KALA, the latest album from beloved Trevor Hall. In Sanskrit, kala means time and Trevor’s 13-track album guides us along a transformative journey of lessons learned, of pain and healing, and of the love, passion, and [...]

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Lunar Mantras

Sacred musicians and husband and wife, Govind Das and Radha’s new album Lunar Mantras is truly an ocean of grace, a sweet musical remedy of bhakti (devotional) medicine. As the title suggests, the softness of the divine ma or mother energy is felt in every note. Lunar Mantras features eight angelic melodies with different sentiments [...]

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The Sound Temple Album

Gabriel Braun's The Sound Temple Album encourages listeners to use their entire bodies to interpret his latest album.   Gabriel Braun, a musician and sound healer, has been honing his craft to create his first solo project, The Sound Temple Album. This rich restorative experience combines crystal bowls, flutes, harmonium, and voice. While the idea of [...]

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Healing Sounds for Yoga, Mindfulness & Creativity

  Music has the powerful potential to heal. Fortunately, there are a number of amazing resources available to us to incorporate the therapeutic effect of music in our everyday life. One of the latest is produced by accomplished world musician Yuval Ron in the four CD set Healing Sounds for Yoga, Mindfulness & Creativity: Aural [...]

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Bridge to Vallabha Music Review

  Influenced by her world travels, Tina Malia's latest release, Bridge to Vallabha, features a compilation of prayers, mantras, and songs sung in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Gurmukh, and English. Malia plays guitar, vibraphone, charangon, lap steel guitar, cello and keyboards and is accompanied by Donna De Lory, Heather Wertheimer, Karnamrita Dasi, Jai-Jagdeesh, Peia, and Sasha Rose. [...]

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Dub Mantra Sangha Music Review

  Dub Mantra Sangha is the aptly titled new release from musician and producer Joss Jaffe. Sangha is the Sanskrit word for community, and this release sees Joss bring together 15 guest musicians, representing five languages and three continents, to form a multi-cultural jubilee of mantra, musicianship, and creativity. Some of these languages are represented in [...]

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Branches of The Same Tree

Rocky Dawuni collaborates with Ben Harper and ukulele artist Tom Freund in his latest album, Branches of The Same Tree. Listen to international music star and humanitarian activist Rocky Dawuni’s latest album, Branches of The Same Tree and you’ll be enveloped in an uplifting groove-mix of reggae, Afrobeat, and global pop. Dawuni’s infectious songs invite [...]

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Demi Lovato is Confident in her Self-Care

Demi Lovato talks to LA YOGA Magazine about her health, exercise regimen and meditation practice. Artist Demi Lovato is a world-traveling superstar whose new album Confident will be released on October 16. She certainly displays confidence onstage as well as in other aspects of her life. She’s focused on balance and her recently launched skin [...]

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