Mantras On the Road with Deva Premal and Miten

Professional Travelers and Mantra Artists Deva Premal and Miten Share their Secrets Mantra artists Deva Premal and Miten have been traveling the world for more than 27 years living life on and off the stage. As professional travelers, they’ve had to develop some routines and rituals to maintain their health and vitality. Between mantra repetitions, [...]

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Infinite Energy by DTO

Infinite Energy by DTO (Buddha Music Group) will inspire you to boogie, breathe, and awaken your yearning to travel the world. Yet with this album, you won’t have to leave your home or yoga class, because the soundscape is a fusion of world languages and electronic dance beats with classical piano, cello, violin, sax, flutes, [...]

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Earth Day Sacred Music Playlist

    In celebration of Earth Day, Boulder-based White Swan Records has curated an inspirational scared music sacred music playlist for their Spotify channel, featuring some of the greatest artists in the devotional music world.  Its 19 songs offer affirmative expressions about our interconnectedness with nature and Mother Earth and the practice of nonviolence and humane [...]

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Toning: Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls by Michael and Jahna Perricone

  More yoga studios are including sound meditation classes on their schedules.  The healing, soul-soothing powers of instruments like singing bowls are becoming more accessible and widespread. It is an unbeatable experience to be  bathed in the vibrations of singing bowls a mere few feet away from your yoga mat as you lie in savasana. [...]

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Live, North American Spring Tour 2017 by Simrit Kaur

The live album by Simrit Kaur is, in a word, amazing! Here you’ll discover riveting, somewhat haunting, and always surprising renditions of songs from her past four albums. If you’ve ever wondered if music could be simultaneously mind-blowing and soul-soothing, this album is your unforgettable answer. From the thrumming, groovy opening track “Prithvi Hai,” through [...]

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Beloved by Snatam Kaur

In these ever-evolving, complex modern times, the recorded offerings provided by so many of today’s world-class leaders of sacred mantra chant are a welcome relief. The art of sacred chant by musicians and teachers like Snatam Kaur offers solace and connects us to our hearts. Snatam Kaur Beloved The emergence of Snatam Kaur’s new album [...]

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Singer/Songwriter Karen Atkins Tunes Into Universal Frequency and Healing Music with In My Room

  “Music is sustenance,” says singer/songwriter Karen Atkins. She is a long-time natural health expert in nearly 50 alternative modalities, including yoga, qigong and consciousness-based healing systems like BodyTalk. As she says, “Two decades of experience in helping people heal themselves has inspired me to make music with a similar purpose.” 432 Hz and the [...]

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ONE by Todd Boston

Todd Boston is no newcomer to the conscious music scene. His albums have topped the list of various World/New Age listening charts throughout the years. A composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, he fuses world music together with live looping and computer technology. Todd tours internationally supporting concerts, festivals, and yoga classes. He performs regularly with artists such [...]

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Inclusion Revolution: Together with Love Sister Jenna and JoRob Create Spiritual Hip Hop Meditation

When a yogi and a hip-hop artist decide to join forces and help counteract the craziness that's going in our world, wonderful things the new album Inclusion Revolution: Together with Love. It's an amazing example of a spiritual hip hop meditation combination. Sister Jenna and JoRob Provide Soulful Musical Meditation Sister Jenna is the [...]

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