What it Takes to Plan a Free Trip to Egypt

Documentary Film Free Trip to Egypt’s producer and creator Tarek Mounib talks Transformation   Free Trip to Egypt Producer Tarek Mounib Producer Tarek Mounib had what some people might consider an unusual dream or mission—to bring a group of Americans concerned about what they perceive as an Islamic threat—to meet actual Muslims in [...]

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Lessons from a Free Trip to Egypt

Free Trip to Egypt Showcases a Path to Tolerance through Travel The premise is intriguing. Invite a random selection of Americans who support the Muslim ban to an all-expenses-paid trip to Egypt. We all have heard that personal interactions will lessen the fear of strangers, and the documentary Free Trip to Egypt sets out to [...]

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Knock Down the House Showing on Netflix

In 2018, Candidates Came to Knock Down the House Knock Down the House is one of the poignant and triumphant films ever made. Imagine if a monk in a monastery in India in 1974 had said to a fellow monk, “I’m going to follow around this Steve Jobs kid with a video camera.  He has [...]

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Michael Mollura Composes Dream Music

Michael Mollura Dream Music composer photo courtesy of Adina Doria Listening to the Sounds of the Unconscious Michael Mollura, PhD, is one of those multi-hyphenate professionals as well as a sincere practitioner of the devotional arts and a longtime personality in the Bhakti yoga spiritual community. He is a person whose degrees [...]

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Ayla Nereo Shines in By The Light of the Dark Moon

The Voice of Empowerment: Ayla Nereo By The Light Of The Dark Moon is the sixth album from singer-songwriter Ayla Nereo. Her epic breakthrough is living proof of the power of perseverance and is a portrait of an artist in a moment on the cusp of global stardom. Not only is this her finest recorded [...]

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Satsang Raises Social Consciousness on Kulture

Satsang Photo by Mark Cluney Satsang Combines Eclectic Musical Roots with Meaningful Messages Satsang's music has roots in funk, folk rock, and hip-hop. Overall you'd file them under the category of "raising social consciousness,” along with other artists such as Citizen Cope, Ben Harper, and Michael Franti. Satsang is a superior example of the [...]

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