Divine Bliss: Healing Music by Sandy Kaur

Divine Bliss is a Soothing Balm of Healing Music Healing music is the soundtrack that we need in our lives today. Part of the environment we create for ourselves is through sound and mantra.   Spiritual singer/vocalist Sandy Khanzode understands this and offers vibrations for uplifting all of the parts of ourselves. Her second album, [...]

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The Documentary AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness Explores Essential Questions

Monica Gagliano in the film AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness What is Consciousness? Find out in the Documentary AWARE The traditions of Yoga advocate for a deep inner contemplation of the nature of awareness. The documentary film AWARE: Glimpses of Consciousness is about that very exploration as told by six main characters: a brain [...]

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Healing Power of Cat Purr from the Cat That Purred in B Flat

Recording the Healing Power of Cat Purr Outside of Santa Barbara, musician and healer Sudama Mark Kennedy lived in Rattlesnake Canyon with his mystical cat Nunu. Nunu had a thunderous purr. Master sarod player Montino Bourbon said to Sudama “we need to record that purr.” Montino returned with his hi-tech recorder and Nunu responded to [...]

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Tina Turner: Changing Poison Into Medicine

Tina and Ikettes performing (January 1976). Photograph Courtney of Rhonda Graam/HBO An Intimate Story of an Icon...and her Chanting Practice You may think you know something about the life of Tina Turner. She is an icon, an entertainer, a survivor….and a woman who has practiced the art of chanting for transformation. Her story [...]

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LA Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Discusses Manifesting for Creatives

Manifesting for Creatives: Putting Visualization into Action Dillon Forte incorporates sacred geometry in his creative artistry. His work includes contemporary sacred geometry through tattooing, as well as fine art photography, painting, fashion, and design. In his approach to manifesting for creatives, he shares inspiring perspectives on seeing the world and our place and how we [...]

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