The Doors’ John Densmore; The Other Side

It’s a winter sunset in Santa Monica. John Densmore stands at the edge of the ocean. As the sky changes color, blue to yellow to crimson gold, he rhythmically taps a hand drum, and recites his own spoken word poetry, “And the Sun God Ra….!” The cold waves rage closer towards his feet until he’s [...]

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Deep Dive: A Meditation Album with Shiva Rea and Rara Avis

Deep Dive Offers Meditations for the Flow of Life with Shiva Rea and Rara Avis Created by Shiva Rea, world-renowned yoga/movement facilitator and creator of Prana Vinyasa Flow and Rara Avis, CEO/Co-Founder of YogiTunes, Deep Dive is a multi-faceted experiential movement mediation offered in the spirit of Sahaja, the natural, spontaneous flow of life force [...]

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Into the Forest: Sing with Sacred Music Artist Jahnavi Harrison

Jahnavi Harrison Shares Bhakti Yoga through Sacred Music Sacred music artist Jahnavi Harrison is currently touring the US for her Into the Forest Tour, named for her most recent sacred music album. Join her on Thursday, November 3, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, at 7:00 PM. Jahnavi evokes the environmentalist John Muir saying, “Into the [...]

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The Documentary Brilliant Disguise Shares A Powerful Spiritual Story

    Brilliant Disguise Shares How K.C. Tewari Influenced a Generation Brilliant Disguise is a feature-length documentary that tells the life story of a humble Indian man, K.C. Tewari. K.C. Tewari was not a household name, but he helped influence the spiritual paths of multiple generations as well as the influx of Eastern spirituality in [...]

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Mickey Hart: God Is Sound

Mickey Hart is known to many as a drummer for the Grateful Dead and Dead and Co. Percussionists know him for introducing "World Music" to the masses through Planet Drum, and his latest album, In The Groove. Academics know his as a producer, and preservationist. Doctors and scientists know him as a supporter, proving the medicinal power of music. And [...]

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Celebrating 25 Years of Ani DiFranco’s Living in Clip

When You’re A Big Star, Will You Miss The Earth It was the late 90’s, before Spotify and iTunes, Napster and MP3s. Albums didn’t drop onto streaming services and immediately upload onto our phones. Corporate-run radio stations dictated who heard what, when. Rebellious youth tried to fight the system. Grunge bands sued the conglomerate Ticketmaster [...]

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Snatam Kaur Shares Healing Music on Nirankaar

Creating Healing Music Around the World Since the 2001 release of her first solo album, Prem, Grammy-nominated devotional singer Snatam Kaur has inspired countless people with the stirring silken quality of her voice, the gentle wisdom of her writing and teaching, and her uniquely radiant presence. Healing Mantras on Nirankaar Her 16th major album, Nirankaar, [...]

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