Boost Your Health with the Real Vitality Tonic

Real Vitality Tonic and Training Your Taste Buds The Real Vitality Tonic is a warm, raw apple cider, cinnamon, and ginger drink. Start a program by drinking this for eight days after your first meal of the day and again with your other meals. Real Vitality Tonic Ingredients 1 cup hot water 1 tablespoon raw [...]

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3 Plant Based Recipes That Trend toward Tasty

Mocktail Photo by Jamie Mok Plant Based Inspirations for the Kitchen Trendy can be both healthy and delicious. These 3 plant based recipes are tasty and represent some of the top 10 food trends we're currently tracking. Try experimenting in the kitchen with fresh plant based ingredients. Mix and match colorful and nutritious [...]

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Top 10 Food Trends for 2020

How Food Trends Can Inform Your Meals The beginning of the new year is always buzzing with conversations around health, food, and fitness. While most diet fads get a hard eye roll from nutrition experts, there are some optimistic trends and others that are intriguing enough for more convo. Here are 10 food and nutrition [...]

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5 Tips for a Successful Cleanse

How to Detoxify and Set up a Cleanse There are many moments in life when we can evaluate and reevaluate our lives, and to seek out fresh starts. We can clear out the clutter in our homes, examine the content of our thoughts in our meditative practices, and turn our attention to the workings of [...]

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Ladurée by Matthew Kenney in Beverly Hills Serves Plant-Based French Food and Pastries

The French bakery Ladurée is famous for their iconic double-decker pastel-hued macaroons. Their Beverly Hills bakery and restaurant occupies an airy and welcoming space on Beverly Drive. On September 26, Ladurée released their new plant-based menu in collaboration with renowned Chef Matthew Kenney. The Beverly Hills location is now Ladurée by Matthew Kenney with a [...]

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How Yoga Can Help Defeat Eating Disorders

Suffering with an eating disorder means that you are disconnected from your body. This most severe mental health issue takes over your mind and, in doing so, it denies the needs of your body or a persons ability to answer to them. The innate messages of hunger, fullness, exhaustion, fear, pleasure, everything, really, become dulled [...]

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Why and How to Pair Tea and Yoga

Tea for Yoga, Please Yoga and tea both represent and share a modern-day acknowledgement of ancient roots through daily practice and ritual. While many 21st century workouts emphasize efficiency and going over the top, yoga energizes and builds strength by encouraging people to consciously pressing the pause button and going within. Similarly, tea stands in [...]

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The Magic of Manuka Honey

Manuka Honeycomb Photo by @elsas_wholesomelife   The first time I heard about Manuka honey, it was presented to me as an almost mythic substance. A master healer. A recommendation for something that could be eaten or used on the skin. An anti-bacterial agent. A boost for the body’s own natural healing processes. A [...]

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