Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Traveling for Wellness -- Great Options for Wellness Travel in 2022 When it comes to wellness travel in 2022, are you looking for the perfect fit? Our partners at the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) can provide the best destinations for your next getaway. The Wellness Tourism Association Q & A is a new monthly feature that [...]

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Visiting Wild Places with Mindfulness

Dome Stroll in Yosemite. Photo by Patrick Bremser Being a Good Steward of Nature How do we balance spending time in nature for personal wellness and simultaneously steward and support the places we visit? We do this by bringing mindfulness to our practices of visiting wild places. For many, March, 2021 marks the [...]

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Why Choose Sustainable Travel

Become a road warrior who is a force for good. What if you could take a vacation and know that your travel dollars are creating a positive community and environmental impact in the destination you are visiting? After all, the love of travel can’t be separated from the state of the world. Travelers have enormous [...]

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The Importance of Connecting with a Power Place

Joe K and Parashakti. Photo by Vanessa Viola. Power Places offer us Space for Transition Wherever we are, at any given moment, is a place of transition. Every millisecond, every nanosecond, an infinitude of infinitesimal, seemingly undetectable changes are occurring in our body minds and in the air and earth around us. To [...]

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Up on the Glacier: Mindfulness in Alaska

Photo by Chris Burkard A Mindful Trek on a Glacier Did you think taking a cruise was a cool way to see Alaska? On a glacier trek 10 miles from Mount Denali, you’ll conquer a part of Alaska few humans have seen. A tanned, bearded snow guide named Nikolai is 50 feet ahead [...]

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A Return to Ritual: Maui’s Celebration of the Arts

Sacred Ceremonies and Chanting Honor Tradition, Spiritual Healing, and Gratitude at Maui's Celebration of the Arts A line of people make their way to Kapalua’s DT Fleming Beach in the pre-dawn darkness. Despite the silence, there’s a heightened sense of excitement in the air. For some, it’s the first time they’re about to embark on [...]

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