Developing the Superpower of Direct Focus Dristi is most commonly known as the gazing point on which the eyes may focus. The word “dristi,” derives from the Sanskrit root “drstr,” which is where we get our English word “to direct.” Dristi can refer to a focal point, yet it is more than simply where we [...]

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The Power of Space in Healing

Yoga is a method of healing. Beyond the postures, the breathing, meditation, visualization and manipulation of flows of energy through locks (bandha) help people transform their lives, heal injuries, and improve their relationships. The first ingredient necessary for healing is space. When you go to a chiropractor, he or she creates more space so the joints [...]

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Come As You Are

Cultivate Awareness in Yoga to Encourage Healing from Trauma Julian Walker When I took my first yoga class at Ana Forrest’s Santa Monica studio in 1992, I was quite proud of my straddle splits. I had been working with my genetically inflexible body for the previous three years in a home practice sourced from a [...]

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Downward Face

Use restorative facial yoga to release stress and tension and restore your youthful glow. by John Sahakian C.Ht. ERYT photo by David Young-Wolff Whether we smile or frown, laugh or scowl, approach our lives with wide-eyed wonderment, or bitter tears, our faces are almost always active. Day in and day out, our facial expressions can [...]

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How Cancer Patients Are Discovering Their Serenity in Pasadena

Farzaneh Noori teaches Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Yoga teacher, Yoga House Pasadena co-founder and co-owner Farzaneh Noori thought the following when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, “I was shocked. I thought, ‘Here I am with a healthful lifestyle, a strict regimen of advanced yoga, daily meditation and a simple, wholesome diet--how could [...]

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Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery

Yoga Therapy: Healing the trauma of modern-day slavery For D’Lita Miller, her yoga practice helped cope with years of pent-up anger and aggression.  In this case, Miller’s emotional backlog is because she is a survivor of human trafficking, a situation that is unfortunately an issue today for people around the world.  Many like Miller are finding [...]

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Teaching Yoga One on One DVD

Teaching Yoga One on One DVD with Julie Carmen Years ago, a friend invited me to take a yoga class with Julie Carmen at Exhale in Venice since we were both yoga teachers and actors as well as mental health professionals. I went in not knowing what to expect, and left feeling both exhilarated and [...]

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SYTAR – Call for Proposal

International Association of Yoga Therapists Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research Some of the most engaging sessions at the International Association of Yoga Therapist's annual Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) are the Common Interest Community (CIC) sessions where a number of people offer short presentations on related topics. The short lectures are modeled [...]

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