Elysia Life Care

Find reprieve through Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga and meditation from Elysia Life Care, a new wellness center in Santa Monica.
“Ancient wisdom, modern innovation” is the concept behind Elysia Life Care, […]

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YogaCycle, Redondo Beach

YogaCycle Redondo Beach is a new studio offering cycling and yoga classes for the athletically inclined.
If you’re a one-stop shopper navigating the world of fitness, add YogaCycle in Redondo Beach […]

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Ananda Temple of Light Formal Opening

The Ananda Temple of Light is a place of community, meditation, Kriya yoga, and spiritual living.
The sangha of Ananda Los Angeles has long had a presence in the City of […]

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Better Living Yoga: Yoga After 40

Better Living Yoga believes in Yoga After 40
Better Living Yoga, which opened in 2014, caters to students of a certain age: 40 years and beyond. As the name of their […]

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Black Dog Yoga

Black Dog Yoga studio welcomes new teachers and a fresh perspective for the yoga community.

Often, independently owned studios go through transitions and one of the latest in the city is […]

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Maitri Yoga Store

Maitri Yoga store provides accessories to enhance the yogi who wishes to deepen their practice.
In February, 2015, Maitri Yoga Store opened their doors to create space both for people to enhance […]

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Studio Opening: Sweat Yoga, Santa Monica

Yoga Studio Opening: Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica

Sweat Yoga is the newest vinyasa-based hot yoga studio to open on the West Side. The studio is a reflection of the […]

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Lorna Jane – El Paseo’s Store Opening

Lorna Jane – El Paseo’s Store Opening Celebrates the Active Life

Lorna Jane opened a new store in Palm Desert in the quaint El Paseo shopping district near Palm Springs. […]

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Heating up the Spiritual Practice – Golden Bridge Hot Yoga

Golden Bridge Hot Yoga (Photo by Annie Horn)

1357 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles

Golden Bridge Yoga opened their newest venture, Golden Bridge Hot Yoga (GB Hot Yoga), located upstairs from their flagship […]

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Golden Sol Creates Om in Los Feliz

Tucked away in Los Feliz, Golden Sol has several intimate rooms including a meditation sanctuary, healing rooms for consultations, a garden, and a community space where people can relax after […]

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