Playlist Yoga

Playlist Yoga features upbeat, pumping music as the foundation for each class.
Owner Jordan Cohen’s philosophy is that, “Music has the power to connect, communicate, and motivate. Our classes are set to […]

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Set and Flow Yoga Studio

Cue the lights, camera, and call action to welcome an innovative new Hollywood yoga studio in Los Angeles.
Set and Flow Yoga, founded by Seth Manheimer, a man with a Master’s […]

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Art Flying Aerial

Become one with the mind, body and soul through the art of aerial.
Art Flying Yoga owners and sisters Rubi and Yolanda Reyes are expanding their aerial offerings with their newly […]

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Y7 Melrose

Walking into Y7 Studio’s Melrose location in Los Angeles felt like hopping off the metro and walking into the hippest fitness space on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
It’s no surprise since […]

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Rise Yoga HB

Rise Yoga finds a larger, more permanent home in Huntington Beach.
After changing locations several times since its initial opening in 2012, Rise Yoga HB is happy to open its doors […]

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The Den Meditation

Hollywood welcomes a meditation and community space catering to both the beginner and the master.
When you first walk in the doors of The Den Meditation in Hollywood, you feel as though […]

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Inner Space Yoga opens in Santa Ana

Outwardly, every yogi’s practice may look different, but inwardly we’re all striving to create the same thing: space.
At Inner Space Yoga in downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the simplicity […]

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Pop Up Yoga Venice

Pop Up Yoga Venice community gathers at The Rose Room.

When I was a freshman in college, my parents announced they were selling the house I grew up in and moving […]

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30Fifteen Studio opens in Venice

30Fifteen Studio wellness center provides yoga, Reiki, massage therapy and other conscious offerings in Venice. 
The 30Fifteen Studio is nestled in a residential neighborhood in Venice. The studio was founded by UK […]

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Namastday Yoga Center Beverly Hills

Natural light fills the state of the art yoga center in Beverly Hills.
From the first moment I stepped into the second-floor studio Namastday Yoga in Beverly Hills, I could feel […]

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