Yoga On Location: 10,000 Buddha Mural

Yoga on Location: Ryan Orrico at 10,000 Buddha Mural Wall by Amanda Giacomini

Ryan Orrico is wearing shirt by SPIRITUALAF.COM.  Photographed in front of the 10,000 Buddha Mural by Amanda Giacomini. […]

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Original Light Book Review

The same devotion-filled voice of musician Snatam Kaur fills the pages of Original Light.
If you’ve heard celebrated mantra singer Snatam Kaur chant, you were likely moved by her devotion-filled voice. […]

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Developing the Superpower of Direct Focus
Dristi is most commonly known as the gazing point on which the eyes may focus. The word “dristi,” derives from the Sanskrit root “drstr,” which […]

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Walking as Yoga Practice

With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s a breath of fresh air to get active outdoors—and walk.
The first Wednesday in April even marks the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day, […]

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Yoga Continues During Runyon Canyon Renovations

Runyon Canyon Yoga Continues Despite Canyon Trail Closures.
The LA Parks Department has water system improvements to do that will benefit the surrounding communities as well as the Fire Department. “Completely […]

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Self-Care As Self-Love

Self-care practices rich in nourishment and self-love can be found in Ayurveda.
For any operating system, regular maintenance is key to optimal performance and longevity. For our human operating system maintenance includes […]

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Yoga on Location: Balancing Life and Fitness

Rubi Rymenmy and Sam Tribbe in the Santa Monica Mountains.
photographed by David Young-Wolff

Rubi Rymenmy is the CEO and Founder of Art Flying Yoga  and Art Flying Aerial and Sam Tribbe is […]

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Supporting Community Through Movement and Play

by Andrew Sealy

Imagine a practice where students literally and figuratively elevate one another. A practice where creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and working together to […]

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Y7 Melrose

Walking into Y7 Studio’s Melrose location in Los Angeles felt like hopping off the metro and walking into the hippest fitness space on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
It’s no surprise since […]

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Rise Yoga HB

Rise Yoga finds a larger, more permanent home in Huntington Beach.
After changing locations several times since its initial opening in 2012, Rise Yoga HB is happy to open its doors […]

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