Inner Space Yoga opens in Santa Ana

Outwardly, every yogi’s practice may look different, but inwardly we’re all striving to create the same thing: space.
At Inner Space Yoga in downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the simplicity […]

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Rest and Relax to Counteract Adrenal Fatigue

Why so many yogis have problems with their adrenals and what to do about it.
Healthy, relaxed, peaceful, flexible, a layer of core strength and a generous dollop of surrender. […]

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Krishna Kirtan: Music as Meditation

The debut from ex-punk-rocker-turned-yogi Raghunath served as my traveling companion on a drive along the rocky coast of Maine.
The album’s broad strokes, energized layers, and variety of beats proved […]

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Pop Up Yoga Venice

Pop Up Yoga Venice community gathers at The Rose Room.

When I was a freshman in college, my parents announced they were selling the house I grew up in and moving […]

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From Hospitalization to Hope

Therapeutic yoga connects us with a deeper experience.

It was 1985 when I resumed yoga from the Intensive Care Unit of a Scottish hospital. I was 49 years old, 25 years […]

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Body Beautiful After Baby

Laurel House shares her secrets for shedding baby weight
Is it vain? Well, maybe, but I admit that one of my fears before, during, and after my pregnancy was that I […]

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Seagoing Activism fuels Brock Cahill’s work with Kurmalliance

Kurmalliance Founder talks with LA YOGA Magazine about his commitment to the ocean, ways people can make a positive difference in everyday life, and more.

LA Yoga: What inspires your work […]

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The Surrender Experiment Book Review

Let Go and let God. Ishvara Pranidhana. Kneel before the Lord. Surrender to Source.
Different forms of spirituality or religion emphasize the importance of surrendering to something greater than yourself with […]

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The Road to Recovery

Yoga for runners (or Run, Rest, Recover, Repeat)
If you are running the LA Marathon this month, first of all, Congrats! What a way to spend Valentine’s Day. After the race, […]

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Inclusive Yoga

7 Lessons from the first Accessible Yoga Conference
by De Jur Jones with Sarit Rogers


“The invisibility of disability” is often used as term to describe people whose challenges are not […]

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