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Yoga on Location: March 2015

Yoga On Location: Ione Skye with her dogs in her Laurel Canyon home. photo: Ione Skye is best known as an actress in films such as Say Anything, River’s Edge, and Zodiac and the TV show Arrested Development. She has practiced Kundalini Yoga for about 20 years as part of her passion [...]

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Inspired by the Sunday ciclovías, or bikeways, in Bogota, Colombia, where streets are blocked off to automobile traffic allowing cyclists, pedestrians, and street performers to take over, a small group of bike enthusiasts banded together with environmental activists and urban planners to bring the concept to LA. After months of persistent lobbying of local government [...]

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Forever 21 Raises the Roof on Sustainability

As part of the CLEAN LA Solar initiative, the wildly popular apparel store Forever 21 has committed to installing the nation’s largest single rooftop solar power system at their LA headquarters. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Forever 21 Founder/CEO Do Won Chang gathered to ceremoniously install the first panel at a groundbreaking event on [...]

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Yoga on the Santa Monica Pier

Roga  Run+Yoga on the Santa Monica Pier             The Santa Monica Pier is not only an iconic symbol of Southern California and the end of the road of Route 66, now it’s become an open-air yoga studio with expansive views of the Pacific. At the first Roga (running and yoga) [...]

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Outdoor Yoga in Los Angeles

During the final dog days of summer before Labor Day, you may be revisiting your to-do list of unique summer activities; have you given yourself the opportunity to experience as much outdoor yoga as you were planning to practice? There’s still time to lay out your mat in one of LA’s unique locations for practicing [...]

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The Gaviota Coast

The Last Jewel of Southern California On a crisp spring morning, photographer Brett Leigh Dicks and I set out to document the diverse environment and open expanse of the Gaviota Coast. Arriving at Refugio State Beach just after sunrise, we encountered children playing where a chilly creek flowed into the ocean, flocks of sea birds [...]

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Spiritual History of Los Angeles

When he first arrived on the West Coast in 1925, Paramahansa Yogananda called Los Angeles “the Benares of America.” L.A. reminded him of India’s holiest city because a certain spiritual energy permeated the hot, dry air. He may have sensed that the growing town was destined to become the prime relay station for the processing [...]

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