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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Lena Parker

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors photographed by Natalie Moser UPLIFT Teen Yoga Program Mentor Lena Parker is motivated by compassion, learns a lot from being mentor, and appreciates receiving advice from the teens in the program. Join her and the rest of the UPLIFT Mentors at the upcoming Fall Equinox YOGA BASH on September [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Kelsey Delane

UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors Photographed by Nicole Moser UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentor Kelsey Delane finds strength in herself through yoga. A strength she shares with the community at UPLIFT Yoga. Join her and the rest of the community at the UPLIFT Yoga BASH on September 21. What brought you to yoga? I was a [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Mentor Avery McCaslin

UPLIFT Teen Mentors photo by Natalie Moser       UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentor Avery McCaslin is one of the women participating in the innovative mentorship programs for youth provided by UPLIFT Yoga Foundation. She will be at the UPLIFT Yoga Bash. She shares her personal practice, her superpower, what she's reading, and what [...]

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UPLIFT Teen Yoga Founder Erica Austin

Photo of UPLIFT Teen Yoga Mentors by Natalie Moser Inspiration with Erica Austin UPLIFT Founder + Mentor Erica Austin is a go-getter. She's the Founder of UPLIFT Yoga Foundation including the nonprofit organization's Teen Yoga program. Erica is also someone you'd want to have as your BFF. She believes in uplifting and empowering the [...]

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Novo Yoga in Redondo Beach

A quaint space located in the heart of the South Bay, Novo Yoga in Redondo Beach delivers a sense of community. As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and welcomed into this gracious yoga family. Regulars mix with new students as the recently remodeled space now offers non-heated [...]

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Bhakti Fest Founder Sridhar Silberfein

Sridhar and Shyamdas at Bhakti Fest. Photo by Mitchell Manz. It Would Be Great If You Could Do That The sun is setting on another 110 degree day in the Mojave Desert. Seventy-eight-year-old Bhakti Fest Founder Sridhar Silberfein storms in the front door dripping in sweat. For the past eight hours he has [...]

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Thailand-based fashion company Bohemian Island partners with Soi Dog Foundation to Save Stray Dogs

Catalia is a French-Thai Phuket native. She's a vegan and animal lover who has adopted two street dogs. Her family also takes care of many stray cats on their hotel resort on nearby PhiPhi Island. During photo shoots, stray dogs spontaneously visit her on the beach. Wear #PuppySavingPants When Wearing Bohemian Island “We [...]

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5 Post-Retreat Practices for Vitality

Tranquility bathtub at CIVANA Carefree. Vitality is a Daily Practice While we all love to experience a getaway that helps us to hit the reset button, lasting vitality comes from a commitment to post-retreat daily practices. CIVANA Carefree Program Supervisor Mariah Comer and Wellness Officer Rianna Riego offer the following five practices for [...]

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Embodying the Energy of the Goddess Kali in Dealing with Racism in America

Meeting the Goddess Twenty years ago, I went to India for the first time. As a left-brain Westerner with a PhD, I was not prepared for many of the powerful and inexplicable experiences that I would encounter during the next nine years of visiting and living there. On my first trip, I was told that [...]

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5 Gyres’ Steps for Reducing Plastic Consumption

The tagline of 5 Gyres is “Science to Solutions.” Their research contributed to the US federal ban on plastic microbeads and their mission is to empower action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure. 5 Gyres offers action steps for reducing plastic consumption Bring your own shopping bag. On average, [...]

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