Tender Greens Westwood

When you walk into Tender Greens off of Westwood’s busy Glendon Avenue, you can feel a sense of immediate respite from the neighborhood bustle outside. In order to accommodate the farm to table eatery, the historic building has been lovingly remodeled. One area has been stripped down to the original brick walls while the addition [...]

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Sausal serves inspired cuisine in El Segundo

At Los Angeles restaurant Sausal, longtime resident Chef Anne Conness (formerly at Napa Valley Grille and Simmzy’s) is fascinated by the culinary history of the South Bay’s founding rancheros. “Reimagining those flavors in a way that speaks to the modern palate has been a goal of mine for quite some time,” she said of a [...]

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Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop

Greenleaf is the latest restaurant to grace ever-evolving Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach. A casual corner spot with a customizable menu, good-for-you cocktails, and a sunny patio? Count me in! Owned by chef Jon Rollo (whose other half is Barry's Boot Camp CEO Joey Gonzalez), this is the brand’s sixth opening in a portfolio [...]

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Little Pine Restaurant

Little Pine -  a restaurant inspired by organic food, community, veganism, and design. Like Moby, I’m a fan of Los Angeles’ architecture. Unlike Moby, I’m not a vegan, though I am partial to plant-based cuisine. So, when I learned that the world-famous musician had opened an organic vegan spot called Little Pine in an Art Deco [...]

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Culver City opens its doors to SAMBAR, Akasha Richmond's latest take on Indian cuisine. When Akasha Richmond arrived in LA, she lived in an ashram on the corner of Fairfax and 3rd Streets. There she studied yoga, learned Indian cooking under Yogi Bhajan, and worked at Golden Temple, a restaurant frequented by Michael Jackson. A [...]

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Yoga-urt Brings Vegan frozen desserts to Glendale’s Kenneth Village

Glendale welcomes Yoga-urt, a dessert shop carrying dairy-free, kosher, non-GMO, organic frozen yogurt. Glendale’s Kenneth Village is a already destination for foodies, pedestrians, and yoga students (Yoga Vibe LA at the Village). Now it is a destination for the newest vegan soft-serve frozen desserts; the new shop on the block is Yoga-urt. The vibe for [...]

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barBasanti Tea Bar

On a calm stretch of South Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills, you’ll find barBasanti. Poised between a candy store and an ice cream lab, the tea bar offers myriad options for that morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up: coffee and tea beverages that range from organic brews to frozen smoothies blended with banana, yogurt, and the [...]

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Fala Bar

Los Angeles welcomes all vegan, organic, and kosher fast food joint, Fala Bar. Fala Me to Heaven, Fala Me To Runyon, Fala Me To KALEifornia. These are just some of the evocative names of the dishes at Fala Bar. This “always vegan, always fresh, always organic” and kosher fast food joint is located in an [...]

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Café Gratitude, DTLA Arts District Opening

Café Gratitude opens its doors in Downtown Los Angeles Arts District With locations in two of the city's hottest neighborhoods (Venice and Larchmont), it comes as no surprise that Cafe Gratitude recently opened its doors in Los Angeles’ burgeoning Downtown. This third LA spot is tucked into a 4,200-square-foot corner of the Yards at One [...]

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