Inner Space Yoga opens in Santa Ana

Outwardly, every yogi’s practice may look different, but inwardly we’re all striving to create the same thing: space. At Inner Space Yoga in downtown Santa Ana, surrounded by the simplicity of four white walls and a sturdy cork floor, you can discover for yourself what the practice brings. The studio opened in October as part [...]

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Pop Up Yoga Venice

Pop Up Yoga Venice community gathers at The Rose Room.   When I was a freshman in college, my parents announced they were selling the house I grew up in and moving 600 miles away. Upon hearing the news, I felt so abandoned; that home was supposed to always be there for me. I had [...]

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30Fifteen Studio opens in Venice

30Fifteen Studio wellness center provides yoga, Reiki, massage therapy and other conscious offerings in Venice.  The 30Fifteen Studio is nestled in a residential neighborhood in Venice. The studio was founded by UK native Emily Tonkin, who came to the US in 2014 to share her tennis wear apparel line "30Fifteen".  Named for the tennis score where [...]

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Namastday Yoga Center Beverly Hills

Natural light fills the state of the art yoga center in Beverly Hills. From the first moment I stepped into the second-floor studio Namastday Yoga in Beverly Hills, I could feel the devotion of studio owner Michele Bohbot. Students are greeted with a collage paying homage to influential teacher B.K.S. Iyenger; Bohbot is a trained [...]

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Yoga Bliss Westchester

“If I were to describe how yoga makes me feel,” mused Yoga Bliss Studio owner Lara Estrada, “the most perfect word I can think of is bliss.” And blissful she is. The young California native has an impressive resume: a business degree from UC Berkeley, yoga teaching certification from YogaWorks, and professional experience with the [...]

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  Yoga and Spinning joins the vibrant Downtown Los Angeles culture. Downtown LA is known for its multifaceted environment where creative expression and culture thrive. Whole Foods moving in represents one of the latest entries in the health and fitness components of the neighborhood’s revitalization. Part of the hood for over five years now, YAS, [...]

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Elysia Life Care

Find reprieve through Chinese medicine, acupuncture, yoga and meditation from Elysia Life Care, a new wellness center in Santa Monica. “Ancient wisdom, modern innovation” is the concept behind Elysia Life Care, a newly opened wellness center in Santa Monica. Elysia Life Care was conceptualized by Maria Villella, Joseph Clarke, and Carla Vidor – all three [...]

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YogaCycle, Redondo Beach

YogaCycle Redondo Beach is a new studio offering cycling and yoga classes for the athletically inclined. If you’re a one-stop shopper navigating the world of fitness, add YogaCycle in Redondo Beach to your favorite South Bay destinations. Co-owners Hugo and Zaneta Auler are both former athletes whose personal experiences with yoga as a healing modality [...]

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Ananda Temple of Light Formal Opening

The Ananda Temple of Light is a place of community, meditation, Kriya yoga, and spiritual living. The sangha of Ananda Los Angeles has long had a presence in the City of Angels.  Its first formal temple was established in 2007 on Main Street in Santa Monica.  Over the years, the location has changed several times.  [...]

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Better Living Yoga: Yoga After 40

Better Living Yoga believes in Yoga After 40 Better Living Yoga, which opened in 2014, caters to students of a certain age: 40 years and beyond. As the name of their studio suggests, owners Danielle Allard and David Webster are on a mission to improve their students’ lives by making yoga a more comfortable and [...]

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