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Yoga Teacher Dana Kraft Combines Passions for Education and Practice

Yoga teacher Dana Kraft is wearing Kali sports bra—print ($49) and Jennifer legging—print ($69) by Will Lane (will-lane.com). Photo at Astronomers Monument at Griffith Observatory at Griffith Park by David Young-Wolff (davidyoung-wolff.com).   Yoga Teacher Dana Kraft Yoga teacher Dana Kraft brings the experience of joy to everything she does—especially every class she [...]

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Yoga Teacher Leigh Simran Brown

Photo of Leigh Simran Brown by David Young-Wolff. Clothing by Yashel Athletic     Yoga Teacher Leigh Simran Brown teaches at Yoga at The Raven and is a licensed spiritual therapist at Agape International Spiritual Center . She is also the Executive Director of Office of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith. What inspired you to take [...]

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Yoga Teacher Thea Pueschel

Photo of Thea Pueschel by David Young-Wolff   We had the chance to connect with Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist Thea Pueschel about her practice. After shooting some photos at the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Feliz, we learned something about what keeps her inspired and on the mat.   What inspired you to take your [...]

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Living Loudly and Proudly – Rocking Gratefulness with NYC’s Wise Woman of Fitness Halle Becker

I applaud all of these teachers.  You know the more people we can enlighten and help find a more peaceful way to walk on the earth.  I say power to you.  There’s just something really gorgeous to all this. Halle (Homegirl) Becker does not pull punches.  She wants the truth to "lead the way”, and [...]

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Hala Khouri: Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher offers Permission to Play and Be Present

Hala Khouri photographed by Sarit Rogers   Every time Hala Khouri leads her online or in-person trauma-informed trainings designed to inform and empower yoga teachers and clinicians to recognize the various ways in which trauma appear in the body, she assures her students, “The wound is the gift. And the gift is the [...]

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Yoga Teacher Rina Jakubowicz

Photo of Rina Jakubowicz by David Young-Wolff. Rina is wearing leggings by Liquido Active.   Rina Jakubowicz is a powerhouse of a teacher. She leads ongoing classes at Electric Soul Yoga in Studio City, facilitates teacher training programs for people who want to teach yoga in Spanish and travels the world to share her [...]

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