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Teacher Profile: Benjamin Allen

This dynamic dancer and choreographer is starting a GROOV3MENT. At one point in Ben Allen's career, he was a back up dancer for drag queens. Now, he is the founder of one of the hottest movements (or as he calls it, a GROOV3MENT) in the dance and fitness communities: GROOV3. According to dancer and choreographer [...]

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A Musical Journey with Whitney Allen

Using the connection with music to enhance yoga practice sequence   I remember the first time I stepped into Whitney Allen’s class in Los Angeles 14 years ago. I was a relatively new yoga teacher from NY, an actor and a journalist; little did I know that Whitney was also a new teacher, as well as an [...]

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Teacher Profile Matt Hodges

Big fish in a small pond? LA based Yoga teacher Matt Hodges would rather be a shark in the ocean.     Matt Hodges says he want to be a shark in an ocean. It’s a desire that fits his driven nature and one he’s applied to in a variety of ways in his life [...]

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Teacher Profile Jay Co

From Action Hero to Promoter of Accessibility photos by David Young-Wolff “Choose your own adventure,” Jay Co tells the class as his silent footfalls cover the perimeter of the main studio at yogaraj, the studio he has helmed for over a year now. He has the voice you would order if you were selecting your [...]

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Teacher Profile: Seda Aksut

Seda Aksut shares her story of personal healing through the practice of Kundalini yoga Seda Aksut suggests we meet at a small Italian restaurant near the Hermosa Pier. It turned out to be a delightful choice, wood-lined and uncrowded on a Wednesday afternoon,  but a slight surprise -- a deviation from my expectation of meeting [...]

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Teacher Profile: Parashakti Sigalit Bat-Haim

Parashakti Sigalit Bat-Haim talks about finding freedom through the Dance of Liberation “For the Kabalah, the Jewish mystics, dance is the deepest expression of joy. Where silence and music meet is in the field of the body.” These thoughts are shared by Rabbi David Ingber, founder of the Jewish community Romemu (whose mission is to [...]

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Teacher Profile: Kathleen Ross-Allee

Kathleen Ross-Allee provides yoga therapy for the recovery and healing process of cancer patients. Photos by David Young-Wolff Before she became a yoga therapist or even a fitness and wellness professional, a friend asked Kathleen Ross-Allee to substitute teach for her aerobics class, even though at the time, Kathleen was a fitness enthusiast with no experience [...]

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Teacher Profile: Bizzie Gold

Bizzie Gold: A leap of faith inspires an empowered tribe BUTI Yoga “The cure to something hidden or kept secret,” is the translation of the Marathi word “Buti.” This is the name dynamic trainer, fitness maven, and mother of two Bizzie Gold has given to her creative brainchild, Buti Yoga, the invigorating style she and her [...]

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Yoga Rocks: The Driving Beat of Yoga Teacher Eric Paskel

A playlist that includes Rage Against the Machine isn’t necessarily the type of music you expect to hear in a yoga studio, but at Electric Soul Yoga in Studio City, it isn’t at all unusual.  Owner Eric Paskel likes his yoga to rock, and he attracts a group of students who clearly love it loud. The [...]

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Its 9:30am on a Wednesday morning as I make my way into the class of a yoga teacher who aficionados say can transform outlooks and, more profoundly, lives. As I enter Aura Yoga Studio in West Hollywood, I can feel the pulse and the heart in the room. As I enter the space, my ears are welcomed by, “I [...]

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