Meditation: Love the Journey

Meditation Practice: Love the Journey When we go for a run, we are on a special type of journey where the aim is not necessarily to get somewhere. The journey itself is the purpose. We are in motion because the body loves motion and thrives with movement—our muscles are flushed with blood and fresh oxygen, [...]

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The Embraceable Universe

The Embraceable Universe: Meditation with the Radiance Sutras When the dog jumps up on your map, how do you hold her? What about when the cat glides onto your lap? When you are walking down the street and see a friend, how do you hug him? What if it has been a really long time [...]

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Get off the Grid and Into the Heart

Unplug Every Day An interview with Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris Sister Jenna is the founding director of the Meditation Museum in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the director of the Washington, DC branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization. This prolific teacher, writer, speaker, and radio show host once owned nightclubs in the [...]

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Surprise: Meditation with the Radiance Sutras

Unless you live in a cave, life is full of surprises. Even meditation is full of surprises. In the relaxation of meditation, we are often presented with mini-movies of whatever we are stressed about, including traumatic events from the past and whatever we are gearing up to deal with in the future. You get a [...]

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Blockheads and Barbarians

Placing your mat in class, the teacher gives you a spiteful look. You don’t know it, but her ex-husband, to whom she is paying alimony, was walking out the door as you walked in, and she saw you smile at him. Driving to work, you slow down and give lots of space to a woman [...]

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Explorer’s Mind

What happens when I meditate? I have two totally conflicting desires: I love to travel, and I love to be at home. Fortunately, meditation satisfies both. Minds don’t wander, they journey, and the purpose of all this travel is to return home enriched. Human beings have a hunger for fresh experience. We are always exploring, [...]

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Radiance Sutras: Mighty Shakti

Just for a moment, let’s breathe in awe and delight with Shakti, for She is power and always awesome. In English, we might refer to her as “Mother Nature.” We are all powered by Shakti, and when we practice Yoga, we are invited to notice that every thought we think is a sparkle of Shakti [...]

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The Cosmic Playground

Yoga As Your Box of Toys Come on kids! Let’s meditate on the outward appearance of the body (rupa) and give ourselves the power of invisibility. (Yoga Sutras 3.21) We can be like Invisible Woman and sneak around -- no one will see us! Let’s meditate on elephants (hasti) and become strong as the Hulk! [...]

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The Celebrity Instinct

The Celebrity Instinct Meditation by Dr. Lorin Roche  A meditation from The Radiance Sutras, on people we love. Johnny Depp. Natalie Portman. Robert Pattinson. Jennifer Lawrence. Denzel Washington. Angelina Jolie. Leonardo DiCaprio. Scarlett Johansson. Are you daydreaming about an actor? Have you ever? Believe it or not, there is a yoga for that. I am not making [...]

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The Marriage of Passion and Peace

A meditation on lust, anger, bewilderment, and intoxication From The Radiance Sutras, a new version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra By Dr. Lorin Roche She drives you wild, out of your mind. You are crazy over him. She cast her spell over you. You’re thinking with the brain in your pants, not the one in [...]

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