Permission to Be Happy

Why we Need Joy Joy does not require a reason. When we let go of everything, what is left is pure joy. On a deep level we all know this, but many people have forgotten it. With the current pandemic, this wisdom has become buried even deeper. We can feel challenged and feel we need [...]

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How to Commit to Meditation Practice

Why Can't I Get Myself to Meditate? A common scenario I see is people who started a meditation practice, found it beneficial, and then for whatever reason they stop. When they try to return to a daily practice, they hit resistance. They ask: I know I feel great when I meditate, but why can’t I [...]

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How to Prepare for Meditation

We Can Prepare for Meditation to Support our Practice In today’s world, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday pressures and the nonstop digital universe, the idea of a regular meditation practice can seem daunting or even impossible. Let this be easy. Be gentle with yourself. Allow this to be part of how you prepare [...]

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Support Healing through Meditation and Practice

You can Support Healing in Times of Quarantine and Radical Change There’s a pandemic upon us. And I’m not just referring to the one everybody’s talking about. I’m referring to the quieter contagion that underscores it—one of anxiety, uncertainty, and transition. Whether you’re an essential worker who has had to transition into the chaos of high-demand [...]

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Is Getting High A Spiritual Process?

Bliss Beyond Intoxication People commonly use alcohol or other drugs recreationally to relax, handle stress, unwind, or lighten up to cope with the pressures of life. Some just want to feel a little better and forget about their daily challenges. Sadhguru, a realized yogi and one of the foremost authorities on yoga, emphasizes that there [...]

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How to Be Perfectly Peaceful

With the  International Day of Peace fast approaching, which is a United Nations-sanctioned holiday celebrated annually on 21 September, let’s take a deeper dive into what peace means to you and how you can become peaceful. Sadhguru, yogi, mystic, visionary, and the foremost authority on yoga, offers insight into why peace of mind is the [...]

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Meditation Becomes Empowered on Mahasivratri

Meditation Photo by Sej Saraiya Mahasivratri is a Path of the Inner Pilgrimage of Practice Mahasivratri is a significant spiritual festival observed by millions across India. This time is dedicated to Lord Siva, who destroys everything that is limited. Mahasivratri holds the blessings of the unlimited, the Spirit. Lord Siva (Shiva in [...]

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