5 Ways to Befriend Yourself in Meditation

  Why Befriend Yourself in Meditation You may not consider how to befriend yourself in meditation, but when you shift your mindset, you can develop a friendly and compassionate approach to the practice. Try the following five practices and approaches to meditation.  1. Let Yourself Love What You Love Think of meditation as immersing yourself [...]

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Meditation as a Tool for Survival

Meditation is a Superpower Meditation is part of our survival instincts. Meditation is a kind of superpower that nature installed in our bodies. It lets us recover from stress very quickly by relaxing, resting up, and recharging. The actual practices of meditation are totally simple. They basically involve, noticing that you are alive and being [...]

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Achieve Alignment and Enlightenment in 2021 with Mahasivratri

Transcend the World through Empowerment Achieve Alignment and Enlightenment on Mahasivratri World Yogi Day 2021   Once a year, astronomically & astrologically earth's alignment to planets, sun and the cosmology aligns to the possibility of all who do Yoga attaining enlightenment in a single night. Mahasivratri, the World Yogi Day, has been observed for thousands [...]

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Mindfulness and the Rollercoasters of Emotion

Riding the Waves of the New Year & Decade with Awareness We are certainly living in very interesting times. Now, as never before, our socio-political landscape is shifting rapidly. Almost daily we are faced with news headlines that shake the foundation of what we assumed would or could happen. The level of perceived uncertainty experienced [...]

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Stress Makes Us Strong: How Meditation Helps

Why Stress is Useful: Meditating With The Radiance Sutras Summary: Stressing the body makes you stronger – as long as you have time to rest and recover. This is the basic principle of working out. Exercising challenges the body. And when you sleep, the body rebuilds itself to be stronger. The same is true of [...]

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Vipassana: Deconstructing 10 Days of Silent Meditation

Addressing the Mental Chatter During Silent Meditation “Ok, just breathe.” “Wow, it’s quiet in here.” “Seriously!!?? That’s it….” And, scene. This is my brain on silent meditation. Whether I’m sitting in a hall with a hundred people or alone with a hundred thoughts, meditation is a discipline. It’s difficult, challenging and rewarding. And, I’m just [...]

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Habits for Success and Happiness from Paramahansa Yogananda

Meditators at the SRF International Headquarters meditating in gardens open to the public. Photo courtesy of Self-Realization Fellowship. Excerpts from The Law of Success by Paramahansa Yogananda Throughout his lifetime, Paramahansa Yogananda gave guidance on how to live a truly successful life—through the power of positive thinking, dynamic will, introspection, and meditation. The [...]

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