Sacred Space

Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood was once the Cadillac dealer where Elvis shopped. Then it became the sound stage where Old Blue Eyes, Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand did their sound checks before it transcended the confines of the entertainment industry and fixed its gaze on a more enlightened path. “We didn’t pick [...]

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Heart Opening

Mystic Madness or Blissful Big Bang? You wake up, take a shower, get dressed, make coffee then manage your way to work through the traffic. At the office, you engage in small talk with your co-workers and buckle in for another day in the world. Then, suddenly, you feel a brimming flush of [...]

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Reiki: Spiritual Healing & Modern Medicine

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that promotes balance in the body, mind and spirit. Although, like meditation and yoga, Reiki is traditionally a self-care practice, it can also be used therapeutically to support people addressing health challenges and to ease the delivery of conventional health care. The number of mainstream care settings where Reiki [...]

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We Are All Made of Stars

Elements of Jyotish, The Science of Light. At difficult times the universe feels alive with signs and symbols pointing to our good discernment or poor judgment surrounding a decision or event: driving home after ending an unhealthy, draining relationship and feeling as though a luminous rainbow in the sky and remarkably clear traffic mirror a [...]

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Teaching in Relationship and Relationship as Teacher

relationship as teacher; teaching in relationship "Hatha Yoga means the joining of sun and moon, masculine and feminine, and when we teach together it encourages this meeting inside each of the practitioners," says David Life, who has been teaching for decades with his partner, Sharon Gannon. David and Sharon are two of many notable examples [...]

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The Gifts and Challenges of Empathy

Cultivate energy, boundaries and develop intuition. Whether you’ve always known that you’re an empathetic person, or only discovered this gift quite recently, you deeply sense and resonate with the emotions of others, which often results in you being connected to a wide variety of people, personalities, and situations. As a subject, empathy is rarely discussed [...]

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Christian Teachings Appreciated by a Yogic Master

Religion provides the big story that allows people to make sense of their often chaotic lives. And universality has been the goal of nearly all religions since the start of recorded human history. The core message of Christianity, universalist in tone, proclaims love and forgiveness as the means to create heaven on earth. Through God’s [...]

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