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CD Review: Doorways to the Infinite

Doorways to the infinite

Doorways to the Infinite By Sally Kempton Sounds True Since the advent of the Internet, spiritual information is prolifically available. Discerning fools-gold from precious alloy takes a level of clarity only honed by deep inner work. What really liberates us […]

Tabla Mantra by Daniel Paul featuring Gina Sala and The Kirtan All-Stars

Daniel Paul CD Cover web

Tabla Mantra Music   Tabla Mantra welcomes the listener to a sublime dream world of sound and intricate rhythms woven together through the heart. This album is unique with its base in the Indian style of singing called tarana. It […]

Yoga Moods 2

Yoga moods 2 cover

compiled by Beth Shaw Sequoia Records If you have been looking for something to freshen up your yoga playlist, or something to turn on when you want to unwind at home, the new compilation Yoga Moods 2 offers a solution […]

Heart of the Universe


Heart of the Universe Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater When I first learned about the Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater release, Heart of the Universe, I couldn’t wait to listen. For years, I’ve long been a fan of both these […]

Luminaries freshman album: “One”


In the 70s, the Z-boys made Venice Beach famous for its quintessential lifestyle with skating and surfing. Now the hip-hop band Luminaries has increased the spotlight on the Westside as a hub of conscious and spiritual living on their full-length […]

“Awakened Earth” by Mirabai Ceiba

Mirabai Ceiba Awakened Earth

When it comes to super easy listening from the Kundalini world of devotional music, it doesn’t get much easier than Awakened Earth. Violins, flute, and harp give this newest release from Mirabai Ceiba a strong classical vibe, yet the album […]

Hindi Zahra “Handmade”

Hindi Zahra

From the moment I hit play on Hindi Zahra’s new album Handmade I was transported to other lands. Although Hindi is a Franco-Moroccan singer, her music and production occasionally have undertones from the South Pacific of the 1950s. I was […]

Trevor Hall “Everything, Everytime, Everywhere”

Trevor Hall CD

When Krishna played his flute in the fields of India, the Gopis and Gopas lost themselves dancing and singing in ecstatic bliss. Fast-forward to a Trevor Hall concert in 2011 and you’ll find the audience reacting in a similar manner. […]

Donna DeLory “Remixes”

Donna DeLory Remixes

Are you ready for a fresh spin on familiar mantras and melodies? This is what Donna DeLory has delivered with Remixes. This release is filled with versions of her mantras by a variety of DJs who deliver new flavor to […]

In Service To The Song

Elton John and Cheryl Crow Photo: Lester Cohen/ (c) 2010; Courtesy of: The Recording Academy(r)

Music Cares Serves Those Who Sing For Their Supper It’s a typical sunny day in southern California, unseasonably – yet expectedly – warm. The sky is clear, the trees are blooming. I’m on my way to live my passion: to […]

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