Sukha Music Review

Sukha, an accessible blend of mantra rock inspired by the root chakra.
Sukha is comprised of husband and wife team Sukhmani (Nicole) on vocals and Sukhman (Steven) on acoustic guitar. Created in 2011, Sukha […]

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Live from Kula Space Music Review

Donna De Lory uplifts in her latest album Live from Kula Space.
“Playing music is my yoga, it’s my bliss. When I play, I get lost in the music, my mind […]

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Destiny Music Review

Percussionist Jacob Cole debuts with a collection of 11 soulful compositions.
At first glance, the hang or handpand instruments that were first introduced in 2001 look a bit like a crude […]

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Playlist Yoga

Playlist Yoga features upbeat, pumping music as the foundation for each class.
Owner Jordan Cohen’s philosophy is that, “Music has the power to connect, communicate, and motivate. Our classes are set to […]

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Time in Love is Never Wasted music review

Lose yourself in the sacred chants provided by SRI Kirtan in their latest release, Time in Love is Never Wasted.
The powerhouse duo SRI Kirtan, vocalist and harmonium player Sruti Ram […]

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The Mystical Prism of Being music review

Brian Michael Tracy takes listeners on a three act performance in his latest release The Mystical Prism of Being.
Writer and musician Brian Michael Tracy’s latest release, The Mystical Prism of […]

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Mantra Sessions music review

Set to release for Bosse Skoglund’s 80th birthday, Mantra Sessions sonic soundscapes are an experiment you want to hear.
Bosse Skoglund and Zilverzurf are world-renowned Swedish musicians who specialize in creating and producing amazing percussion and […]

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Rising: EarthRise SoundSystem Remix Project

EarthRise SoundSystem latest album features musical guests Vishal Vaid and MaxZT.
(Black Swan Records)

The acclaimed production duo, Derek Beres and Duke “Mushroom” Schommer, aka EarthRise SoundSystem (ERSS), have combined their musical expertise to […]

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Krishna Kirtan: Music as Meditation

The debut from ex-punk-rocker-turned-yogi Raghunath served as my traveling companion on a drive along the rocky coast of Maine.
The album’s broad strokes, energized layers, and variety of beats proved […]

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Safe Harbor: Healing Kirtan – Mahaprasad

One meaning of the word kirtan (phonetically keer-ton) is ‘praise’.
A variety of kirtan chants, often as call-and-response  were traditionally utilized as a method to pay respect to the Divine. […]

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