Vedic Astrology for November 2019

The lessons coming up this fall that are featured in the Vedic Astrology for November include an emphasis on connecting to your own creativity. Appreciate the emphasis on boundaries and the balancing act between speaking with your inner voice and finding compromise in interpersonal relationships. Remember that you do not need permission to shine brightly. [...]

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Why Choose Sustainable Travel

Become a road warrior who is a force for good. What if you could take a vacation and know that your travel dollars are creating a positive community and environmental impact in the destination you are visiting? After all, the love of travel can’t be separated from the state of the world. Travelers have enormous [...]

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Wellness Has a Diversity Issue

Wellness and Community We are living in a time where pretty much every aspect of our society is being questioned, from America electing its first "black" president to Starbucks mandating that its entire staff undergo diversity training, to the boycott of luxury brands for failing to hire black designers. America is confronting the same problem [...]

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Vedic Astrology Forecast for October 2019

Caring for Animals is important in the Astrology Forecast for October One of the aspects of Jyotish is the ability to identify the flow of energy throughout the year. The astrology forecast for October reveals some auspicious times for deepening our practice. The month begins with opportunities for closure, compromise, and consensus. Caring for animals [...]

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Vedic Astrology September 2019

As we prepare for the Fall Equinox, the forecast showcasing transits for the trends in astrology September 2019 ask us to wide the waves of change and fluctuations. Through practice, stay connected to your true nature. Invite the lightning strikes of inspiration and continue to perform your dharmic duties without attachment to the results. September [...]

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The Importance of Connecting with a Power Place

Joe K and Parashakti. Photo by Vanessa Viola. Power Places offer us Space for Transition Wherever we are, at any given moment, is a place of transition. Every millisecond, every nanosecond, an infinitude of infinitesimal, seemingly undetectable changes are occurring in our body minds and in the air and earth around us. To [...]

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Topical CBD for Pampering and Pain Relief

  CBD (cannabinoids) are the non-psychoactive medicinal components of hemp. Full-spectrum hemp products contain an array of cannabinoids. Useful for pain relief, these powerful anti-inflammatory agents have healing effects. According to Certified Cannabis Coach and Mosaic Wellness Shop owner Karin Clarke, “Topical CBD is absorbed through the skin to interact with cannabinoids receptors.” Ayurvedic Practitioner [...]

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Mosaic Wellness CBD Education in Valley Village

Mosaic Wellness Shop of Valley Village is an uplifting and brightly illuminated storefront housing a pristinely organized and abundant apothecary of CBD education and CBD products. Everything contains  less than .3%, of THC intoxicants. The space includes a warm and soothing, intimate studio, allowing for small group classes that feature CBD use. (They have samples [...]

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Vedic Astrology Forecast August 2019

When planets move direct, they allow us to implement the lessons that arose when they were retrograde. In the Vedic Astrology Forecast August, 2019, Mercury and then Jupiter move into direct motion. Our tasks include our own forward momentum served by greater clarity and heart-centered alignment after significant shifts in our personal and collective belief [...]

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Yoga Fashion: Dressing for Comfort and Style

Studiowear to Streetwear photo of the fashionable and stylist Yuriyasa line. Timeless Trends and Tips for Yoga Fashion When it comes to yoga practice these days, you could say that “you are what you wear.” Finding supportive clothing can help you more easily schedule a yoga practice or workout into your daily routine. [...]

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