Suggestions for Skin Protection and Skin Soothing

  Our activities outdoors may range from  playing in or on the water, taking our fitness to the beach, or simply going on a dog walk. Whatever we do throughout the year, it is important to utilize tools for skin protection and skin soothing.   Making sure that we are protecting and nourishing our skin [...]

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Catalina: An Island Retreat for Yogis

  As any good yogi will attest, taking a yoga practice on the road brings with it a whole new sense of enlightenment. Yoga retreats in exotic locales abound. The price tag for such a getaway, though, may seem daunting. So when we heard about the one-day Yoga/Hike collaboration between REI and Catalina Island, our [...]

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Self-Massage Guide to Ayurvedic Oil Abhyanga for Self-Care

  When you want a quick and easy way to feel like you’re at a spa every day without leaving your home, schedule an appointment for an Ayurvedic self-massage.   Abhyanga is the Sanskrit term for this ancient Ayurvedic practice that nurtures the body, softens, smoothes and hydrates the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, lubricates [...]

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Choosing Oils for Self-Massage

  Because we absorb whatever we place on our skin, the Ayurvedic tradition places as great an importance on the oils themselves as on the act of giving or receiving a massage. Since oil not only evokes love but also nurtures the skin and deeper tissues, carefully choosing a therapeutic oil or blend is a [...]

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September Vedic Astrology

  At the beginning of September, Mercury moves out of retrograde. Utilize this shift to cultivate greater clarity in your life. Other aspects at play this month encourage seeking healing and developing meaningful habits and routines. Commit to inspiration and practices of devotion to maintain steady on your path amidst fluctuating energies.   Your September [...]

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Sun Protection: Skin Savers for Sunny Days

  Whether we’re planning on playing in or on the water, taking our fitness to the beach, or simply going on a dog walk, making sure that we are protecting and nourishing our skin throughout the summer will positively impact the health of the largest organ of our bodies.   Start with Sun Protection According [...]

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The Cosmic Origins of Reishi

  Mushrooms, including reishi, are also known to affect the psyche and perception in ways that aren’t yet fully documented or understood scientifically. Reishi does not induce psychotropic experiences, but it appears to expand perception. Let me attempt to explain some possibilities for this potential, as well as delve into many mysteries around the origins [...]

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“I Love You…” Santa Barbara: A Romantic Weekend and the Three Words that Make a Relationship

  We had been dating for several months and it was time to take the next relationship step. The words had been dancing in our minds and even out loud (he let it halfway slip out when saying good night on the phone—that slip let loose released a flood of butterflies in me). We were [...]

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Travel Tips: 10 Ways to Maintain Vitality While on the Road

  As someone who is frequently on the go, I have developed my top travel tips to maintain vitality on the road using the wisdom of Ayurveda. These simple yet life-saving practices help me stabilize the body during times of change—changing location, time zones, routines, and more.   From the perspective of Ayurveda, the energy [...]

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Vedic Astrology July and August

  Just as the months of summer can be a time of increased warmth and intensity, some of the Vedic astrology aspects active in July and August also reflect the energy of combustion and heat in various parts of our lives. Be aware of your triggers, slow down and be more intentional with your words, [...]

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