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Balanced Crow Pose Bakasana at LA Yoga 2016 Fashion Shoot

Click on image for larger view Photo By: David Young-Wolff Yoga Pose: Ellette Craddock Hair: JJ Jeffries Makeup: Dawn Sorenson Styling: Bree Montanarello Shot on location - Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica Check out full slideshow: LA Yoga 2016 Fashion Slideshow Ellette demonstrates that balancing asks us to engage in the art of concentration [...]

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LA Yoga 2016 Fall Fashion Slide Show

Photo By: David Young-Wolff Yoga Models: Kate Hinkins & Ellette Craddock Hair: JJ Jeffries Makeup: Dawn Sorenson Styling: Bree Montanarello Shot on location - Young-Wolff Studios Santa Monica Click on images to read more details on the items, the companies and the designers.

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YOGASMOGA opens in Beverly Hills

  YOGASMOGA takes high-performance yoga clothing to the next level.  Beverly Hills (9458 Dayton Way), 310-273-9642    When we embrace the philosophy of yoga, it affects all aspects of our lives beyond the mat. Sister and brother team Tapasya and Rishi Bali founded the company YOGASMOGA on the principle that our practice also influences [...]

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Fit Gal’s Closet

Fit Gal's Closet in La Quinta offers active wear for all types of workouts. Although the practice of yoga inherently helps us to feel more beautiful and confident in our own bodies, sometimes the images of idealized beauty surrounding us can have the opposite effect. Instead of perpetuating this culture by catering to just a [...]

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The American Ambassador Fashion Icon Archetypes

If you are anything like me, you love any excuse to dress up for a party. What better party is there than the Fourth of July, complete with a theme of colors tried and true? When we consider these hues, we might ask: Who are the wearers of the red, white and blue? Is there [...]

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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy: Styling (or hiding) your baby bump

Styling (or hiding) your baby bump You know your body.  You know what makes you feel sexy and look slim when it comes to its size and shape.  That is . . . until you get pregnant.  And it’s not just your body that’s going through a serious transformation; it is also your wardrobe (and [...]

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Holiday Dressing To Join In All The Reindeer Games

As the holidays approach, the special occasion shopping season begins. Boutiques and malls display bright red dresses; evergreen blouses, pants, and skirts; and a plethora of Santa Claus-printed boxers, socks, and ties. Looking your authentic best at cocktail parties, office parties, family dinners, and lunches with best friends requires serious thought about what to wear. [...]

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Sitting Down with Fashion Icon Donna Karan

From dressing the body to addressing the spirit Urban Zen Integrative Therapies comes to Los Angeles An idea can spark a movement that gains momentum and reaches far beyond one person. This is the case with the Urban Zen Integrative Therapies Program, established by fashion designer and long-term yogini Donna Karan. In 2007, the 10-day [...]

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If The Shoe Fits…

After you’ve twisted, lunged, lengthened and aligned, focused, prepared, repaired and reset, you must get off the mat. The notion of bringing a Yoga practice to the rest of your daily life (the part that takes place between classes) can improve personal relationships, success at work – and – your shoe rack through improving your [...]

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