Vedic Astrology September 2016

This month of eclipses, rare Venus/Mars coordinated planetary shifts, and Mercury stationing direct ask us to develop greater clarity of personal purpose and direction by balancing the demands of our worldly domain and our spiritual lives. September 1 There is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo today. This initiates a 30-day Leo cycle [...]

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Vedic Astrology July August 2016

  According to Vedic Astrology, this Summer brings in some powerful shifting energies related to the full and new moons of July and August. If we spend the time cultivating discernment in our practice, we have the opportunity to develop emotional maturity and to work toward goals that are greater than ourselves. Take the time [...]

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Vedic Astrology June 2016

  June is one of the gentler months we've had in quite some time. This is a great time to exhale, with both Venus and Mercury in their own signs. The Vedic Astrology of this month concludes with a beautiful Full Moon in Sagittarius, inviting us to gaze upward at what is possible. June 4 [...]

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Vedic Astrology May 2016

The Vedic Astrology forecast for May brings the promise of new beginnings. May 2016 begins with two fiery shifts: one is the new Aries cycle and the second is Jupiter in Leo turning direct. Expect to feel enthusiastic and even restless the first half of the month and get ready to hit the ground running [...]

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Vedic Astrology April 2016

Vedic Astrologer Sam Geppi shares insights for the month of April. April is a month with a strong focus on themes related to the Self and others – with a New Moon in Aries and a Full Moon in Libra. Exalted Venus and the Sun affirm themes of beauty and personal strength. April 1 Venus enters [...]

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Vedic Astrology March 2016

This month begins and ends with the challenge of transforming our emotional pain and frustration, with the Moon in Scorpio joined Saturn and Mars. Also, March 2016 is an eclipse month. During an eclipse the orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth align in three-dimensional space; this brings together body (Earth), mind (Moon), and spirit [...]

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Vedic Astrology February 2016

Vedic Astrology February 2016 bring the themes of optimism and hope. I know it seems like an old story, but expect February 2016 to be full of intensity.  It starts and ends with a deep immersion into a process of emotional transformation with the Moon joined Saturn in Scorpio. In the interim we experience a standoff [...]

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Vedic Astrology December 2015 – January 2016

Vedic Astrology December 2015 - January 2016 by Sam Geppi  In times of change, having the courage to conquer our inner demons can help us fulfill the promise of experiencing inner peace. Be present to what may bring some explosiveness throughout the upcoming months. Remain calm and commit to true insight that comes with serious [...]

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Vedic Astrology November 2015

Vedic Astrology November 2015 by Sam Geppi November 2015 is going to be intense. For the majority of the month Mars and the North Node (Rahu) will be joined and very close. This may create explosive situations globally and personally. It will be more important than ever to stay close to your spiritual practices and [...]

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October 2015 Vedic Astrology Forecast

Vedic Astrology by Sam Geppi This month, we may feel a reprieve after the intensity of the previous month’s eclipse cycle with the beginning of the month bringing in cosmic energies of peace and calm. Early in the month (on October 9) Mercury stations direct, providing support for increased clarity and the ability to pay [...]

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