Ignite Your Patterns of Potential through Changing Your Emotional DNA

Our Inheritance and Our Imbalances As a yoga practitioner, you know how important it is to discover and correct areas of imbalance and restriction in the body and then develop movement patterns that are fluid, balanced and supportive of both your practice and your movement through life. The same is true about discovering inefficient, unbalanced [...]

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Six Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress

How You Can Shift and Implement Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Stress Do you ever feel like your emotional reactions take control of you and you have no choice but to follow in their destructive path? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Most of us experience difficulty with control when we’re vulnerable due to hunger, sleep deprivation, [...]

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How a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Helped Me Find Tools for Stress Reduction

Why We Need Stress Reduction Tools “Gosh, I am just so stressed!” How many times have you said that? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Levels of stress are at an all-time high. We need tools for stress reduction these days. According to the American Psychological Association: "Nearly half of parents (46%) [say] their stress level is high [...]

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The Healing Power of Crystals

The Crystal Power of Now Crystals are like magic wands, sacred tuning forks that bring us back to our true vibration of harmony and divinity. God couldn’t be here so he/she put holy energy into stones of the earth to let us know that no matter how bad everything looks and feels, all is sacred [...]

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5 Tips for Combating Zoom Fatigue

Remedies for Zoom Fatigue Zoom fatigue is real. Whether we’re dealing with low energy after a day on devices, forgetting to fill our water bottle, or experiencing dry itchy eyes at the end of the day, our self-care is essential for maintaining our motivation and our energy on a daily basis. 1. Take frequent breaks. [...]

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Acceptance: A Journey of Mental Illness, Motherhood and Yoga

An interview with He Came In With It author Miriam Feldman about the immense fallout of her son’s schizophrenia. The schizophrenia diagnosis of Miriam Feldman’s teenage son, Nick, was the catalyst for an avalanche of turbulence, pitching her family wildly and permanently off course for over a decade, and unraveling any concept of a ‘normal’ [...]

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