Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma--The Gift in the Wound Investigating the impact of trauma in our lives can be an important part of healing our anxiety. Unresolved traumatic experiences from our past can fuel (and be the source of) our anxiety, unbeknownst to us. Sometimes people don’t realize that some of the experiences they have had may have [...]

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Creating Routines: Yoga for Transitional Times

Rituals and Routines for Transitional Times How do we keep practice alive, fresh, and rich with presence? When done regularly can we maintain an attitude of curiosity, of refined awareness? Ritual, or routine with intent, can lend support to daily and larger life transitions; practice is a part of that. Such rituals don’t have to [...]

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The Global Heart: Redefining Self

Hala Khouri Photo by Sarit Rogers   What Does it Mean to Participate in Redefining Self in These Times? There is a collective anxiety that many people are experiencing these days. It’s an anxiety about the state of the world—politics, the environment, lack of safety in public spaces, our relationship to people different [...]

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Namaste In Nature: Benefits of Time Outdoors

Photo by Brooke Ziegler Connecting to Health through Time Outdoors In many ways, getting out of the studio and into nature during the Covid-19 pandemic have unintentionally deepened our yoga practice, our connections to each other, and our connections to the earth. As a naturopathic doctor, there a number of benefits I see [...]

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Can CBD Enhance Your Yoga Experience?

The Modern Use of CBD   Over the past few decades, yoga and the use of cannabidiol (CBD) have become two leading practices in American home physical therapy and health supplementation. While this is a fairly recent phenomenon in Western countries, you might be surprised to know how far back it goes in Central Asia, [...]

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Identifying Spiritual Arrogance

The Ego Trap of Spiritual Arrogance When we think about cultivating our inner faith, we do not often consider how closely faith ties into spiritual arrogance. The topic of spiritual arrogance is vast and deep. But when we feel into how this subtle aspect of ego-driven identification has unfolded within ourselves and within those around [...]

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Reducing Anxiety through Yoga

If you experience anxiety you are not alone. Statistics show that 18% of Americans report anxiety and it’s predicted that 31% of adults, will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. For many of us, it is our struggles with anxiety that led us to our yogic and spiritual practices in the first place. [...]

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Yoga in the Real World

Yoga in Our Daily Lives: Yoga in the Real World When we first start our yoga or meditation journey, we are seeking relief. We might be drowning in stress from work. Our body may have experienced an illness or injury and we want to ease our pain. We may have suffered an emotional trauma and [...]

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