Interoception: Mindfulness in the Body

Yoga Therapy: The Continuum of Embodiment What does it mean to be embodied? And doesn’t yoga already take care of that? When we take a closer look, the answer might surprise us. Think of embodiment on a continuum. On one end we have exteroception, in the middle proprioception, and on the far end interoception. Each of [...]

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The Art of Deep Relaxation

Yoga Nidra: The Art of Conscious Deep Relaxation by Dr. Marc Halpern Deep relaxation. This is how many people view Yoga Nidra, and while a successful practice of Yoga Nidra does bring a person into an unrivaled state of relaxation, it is actually much more. Translated, yoga nidra means "yogic sleep;” this is not sleep in [...]

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Practicing Intimacy with Partner Yoga

Intimacy. This is the path and practice that can be the most uncertain. It is a path of risk and reward. A path of walking into the unknown. It is a path that is neither safe nor easy. Yet despite the challenges, unevenness and even moments of uncertainty and darkness, this is the path that [...]

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Finding Self Love Through Our Yoga Practice

  Heroes and Villains. Ingénues and Femme Fatales. Black and White. These are the sweeping archetypes painted by many classic Hollywood films. From Spaghetti Westerns, where valiant, platinum-clad cowboys face snarling, menacing nemeses to Film Noir, where courageous detectives in trench coats righteously rescue damsels from evil men in black, characters are often drawn in [...]

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Secrets of Ancient Kundalini Chanting, Yoga and Meditation Techniques.

By Krishna Khalsa    An ancient Eastern mystical science fused with Western pragmatism at Los Angeles’ first Kundalini Yoga Expo, held at the end October and sponsored by 3HO’s Teacher Association (IKYTA). People from around the world gathered on the magnificent campus of Mount St Mary’s College, overlooking the J. Paul Getty Center, the Santa [...]

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This is What A Yogi Looks Like

A Project of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition By Melanie Klein The “This is what a yogi looks like” campaign is a testament to that commitment by creating compelling, raw, and authentic imagery reflecting the full range of diversity among contemporary yogis in North America. We wanted to highlight and celebrate the faces, bodies [...]

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Cowabhujangasana!? Yoga for Surfers

Ujayii, the breath at the heart of most yoga asana practice, is oceanic in quality. Smooth, consistent, steady, audible. Teachers often instruct students to ride the breath like a wave, allowing the inhales and exhales to smoothly roll off one another as though they were waves in the ocean. While both the surf and yoga [...]

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Teacher Training in LA – Grounds for Transformation

Throughout most of yoga’s 5,000-6,000 year history, its sacred teachings and rich traditions were transmitted through direct lineage, from guru to disciple, in secluded mountain caves and remote ashrams. Now, you can receive your yoga education in just 200 hours—at the gym, in a hotel conference room, during a luxury retreat in paradise, or even [...]

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Plasticity and the Power of Affirmations

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind." Buddha   Do you think affirmations are new-agey and trite? I mean, really, as if, “I am the very source of abundance and love itself” taped on your mirror [...]

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Lady Yoga Superhero “Keep Your Guard Up”

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