Third Chakra Aromatherapy, Yoga, Polarity Therapy

The Third Chakra is also known as the fire chakra. In Sanskrit, its name is Manipura, which means “lustrous gem of the city.” This energy center is located at the solar plexus and corresponds with our zest for life, our will, our drive, the ability to express anger and frustration, and the process of transformation. [...]

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Discovering Life Through Yoga: YOGA The Secret of Life Book Review

It is a constant revealing, a constant unlayering or peeling away, to find that essence of who you really are.   The artist Francesco Mastalia has traveled the world photographing tribal, religious, spiritual, and indigenous people. These past couple of years however have found him a bit closer to his home in Rhinebeck, New York, [...]

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The Second Chakra Aromatherapy, Polarity, and Yoga for The Water Element

  Our second chakra is connected elementally and energetically to the water element. In the body, the water element governs our creativity, sensual and sexual energies, desire, and our emotional connection to others as well as our ability to “go with the flow” in our lives.   Our second chakra is connected elementally and energetically [...]

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Poses to Relieve Shoulder Pain, Stress and Reduce Tension

  Yoga is effective for reducing shoulder pain, reducing stress, boosting immunity, improving circulation and mental focus, and increasing vitality. I know this to be true.   A long time ago (2004) in a far-away land (New York City) I had a vision that teaching yoga would be a quiet, peaceful, and tranquil career in [...]

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Open Doors: Luminous Soul Tribe

  You’ll find Luminous Soul Tribe — Orange County’s newest boutique yoga studio — hidden behind an unassuming storefront in a small repurposed space in Costa Mesa. Owner Aris Seaberg was drawn to the area for its eclectic vibe and the abundance of local small businesses and artists.   About Luminous Soul Tribe Aris began [...]

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Living Loudly and Proudly – Rocking Gratefulness with NYC’s Wise Woman of Fitness Halle Becker

I applaud all of these teachers.  You know the more people we can enlighten and help find a more peaceful way to walk on the earth.  I say power to you.  There’s just something really gorgeous to all this. Halle (Homegirl) Becker does not pull punches.  She wants the truth to "lead the way”, and [...]

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Root Chakra Aromatherapy, Polarity, and Yoga

Photo of Grace Flowers wearing Silly Yogi by David Young-Wolff Aromatherapy and the Chakras: Grounding through the Root Chakra The science of aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of scent; it includes the use of essential oils, often referred to as the lifeblood or essence of raw plant materials. Essential oils are used for improving [...]

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Are your shoulders built for Downward Facing Dog?

Photo of Lainie Devina and Holli Rabishaw at YogaWorks Tarzana by Jeff Skeirik/Rawtographer (Holli and Lainie are wearing clothing by Shama Jade) The shoulder is the most mobile and at the same time arguably the most vulnerable joint in the body. One of the most common yoga poses, Downward Facing Dog, can be [...]

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Why Women Are Leading the Charge to (Re)unite Cannabis and Yoga

Rachael Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana, with cannabis plant. Photo by Tracey Eller (, courtesy @CosmicSister Twenty people sit in sukasana, breathing together, on a flower of mats on the floor of a Boulder, Colorado studio. Like the flower’s central pistil, at the center of the circle, is a candlelit altar of cannabis plants [...]

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