A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

Ira Israel, renowned psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher, guides us on an uplifting journey to explore the never-ending quest for happiness. As children, we develop survival tools, which carried into adulthood can hinder our ability to show up authentically and in the present moment. Through acceptance, vulnerability, mindfulness, gratitude, and love, we can break the chain [...]

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Yoga DVD Review: Liquid Asana Live

DVD Review:  Liquid Asana Live is a 12 disc series of a vinyasa flow yoga practice. by Micheline Berry (Udaya Entertainment) This set of 12 DVDs is perfect for anyone looking for a transformative home practice. Micheline Berry, known for her dance-infused style of vinyasa flow (Liquid Asana) collaborated with producer Yariv Lerner to film at [...]

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DVD Review: The Yoga of Food

Josie Kramer, MA TK company Food is meant to nourish our bodies and souls. A juicy peach or a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato can provide us with nutrients and sweet memories. Unfortunately, for so many people today, their relationship with food is fraught with stress and confusion. In The Yoga of Food, Josie Kramer, M.A., [...]

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DVD Review: Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety by: Ira Israel

  Optimal Integral Wellness Thinking about the future can steal our attention away from the present moment and can lead us down the jagged path of anxiety. In his new DVD, Mindfulness Meditations for Anxiety, Ira Israel presents seven practices that redirect the mind away from the dissonance of black and white thinking. Encouraging practitioners [...]

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Three Min Start™ DVD

Thousands of years ago, it was tradition to keep Kundalini Yoga techniques that expanded the mind and awareness sacred and secret. These teachings were only transmitted directly from Master to student.  Now, these techniques are being shared with everyone and have been made accessible to practice these easy and sacred techniques in the comfort of [...]

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Easy Yoga Stretches with Audrey Walzer

Easy Yoga Stretches with Audrey Walzer is the perfect DVD for those who desperately need the physical benefits of Yoga, but may feel overwhelmed by the philosophy or athleticism of many Yoga practices. The 240-minute DVD is broken up into three types of practice sequences: those for home, office, and travel. Each section is divided [...]

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“Stretch in Time” with Elyse Briggs

With age comes great wisdom and experience, but as we know, the stability of spirit can, at times, be accompanied by immobility in the body and a false belief that movement and exercise should be left to the young. Stretch in Time, a new Yoga DVD created by Elyse Briggs, addresses a population that may [...]

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Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners with Tamal Dodge

Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners with Tamal Dodge is an ideal DVD for those just beginning to practice or for experienced yogis looking to participate in a calm, back-to-basics Yoga lesson. The DVD is divided into two half-hour segments, “Hatha” and “Flow,” making this video ideal for anyone looking to fit Yoga into their [...]

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Urban Roots: Documenting A Backyard Revolution On Film

Leila Connors and Frank Fitzpatrick discuss the movement toward urban farming and community building in Detroit. “Opening a Yoga studio is one of the most revolutionary acts you can engage in today,” says film producer Leila Connors. “The practice of Yoga,” she continues, “helps you develop independent thinking, even though you don’t realize the shift [...]

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The Heart of Transformation

  ‘Yoga is skill in action;’ this is one of my favorite definitions of Yoga, from the Bhagavad Gita,” says filmmaker and Yoga teacher Saraswati Clere. “Yoga constantly invites us to become our better selves.” “In this world we are challenged every day, and I find it is yoga that guides me in the skill [...]

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