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Natural Beauty in Los Angeles

Burke Williams Day Spa opens a new location in Woodland Hills
Entrepreneur Bill Armour’s Burke Williams Day Spa opened its 10th beautiful location in September 2015 at the hip new Village […]

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Sacred Plant Visionaries Converge in the City of Angels

Cosmic Sister Zoe Helene Interviews Visionary Convergence Producer Sita Sitaramaya
Visionary Convergence in Los Angeles, September 25 – 27, 2015, at the Big Art Church in Hollywood, visit or #VisionaryConvergence for […]

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Celebrating Mothers

Gift & Wellness: Celebrating Mothers Day
Mother’s Day Specials at Exhale Spa
Sunday May 3 – Sunday, May 10

One way to nurture yourself, your mother, grandmother, daughter or anyone in your life […]

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The Three-Minute Cure: A conscious stress management practice

Engaging in The Three-Minute Cure is a conscious stress management practice that can elicit the Relaxation Response.
While negotiating the obstacles of Delhi’s traffic, including families on motorcycles, mobile street vendors, […]

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Pregnancy-Defining Firsts

NOT YOUR MAMA’S PREGNANCY: Pregnancy-Defining Firsts

Looking at Your Life

Your body is changing—yes. You’re pregnant! But it’s more than that. Your priorities are changing. Your future is changing. Even your day […]

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Shape House LA Day Spa

Have you ever wondered what sweating really does to our bodies? Other than creating the need to shower, perspiration regulates our bodies in multiple ways: helping us to release toxins, […]

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Keep it juicy…naturally. Exploring Organic Personal Lubrication.

Most women, if they are honest, will tell you they have had a moment or two when a little extra moisture during intimacy is a good thing. It’s not a […]

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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy

Pregnant and Alone

The fantasy: Discovering you are pregnant, excitedly revealing the news to your husband and eventually your family and close friends, then having your loving spouse massage your feet […]

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How to Treat an Expectation Hangover

Life is full of surprises; unfortunately, they aren’t always the kind we would wish to experience.  What makes these unwanted surprises even harder to accept is our attachment to the […]

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Poison Control: 5 Steps to Soften Your Anger

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” —Anonymous (often attributed to Gautama Buddha)
Seeing red, spitting bullets, going ballistic, seething, fuming, burning. Anger is […]

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