Trust in the Heart Mantra Music by Krishna Das

Right in the thick of some of the darkest moments in today’s world, Krishna Das releases his new and 15th album of mantra music. The album is Trust in the Heart. And I feel the timing is perfect. Krishna Das and Mantra Music I immediately listened to the complete work when I received this album. I unequivocally [...]

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Live from Kula Space Music Review

Donna De Lory uplifts in her latest album Live from Kula Space. “Playing music is my yoga, it’s my bliss. When I play, I get lost in the music, my mind stops, I am in the moment, and I am free. This is a place I never want to leave.” This quote from acclaimed singer [...]

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Time in Love is Never Wasted music review

Lose yourself in the sacred chants provided by SRI Kirtan in their latest release, Time in Love is Never Wasted. The powerhouse duo SRI Kirtan, vocalist and harmonium player Sruti Ram and vocalist and acoustic guitar player Ishwari, are leaders in the modern ecstatic chant movement. Previously topping the Billboard World Music Chart, they are [...]

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Krishna Kirtan: Music as Meditation

The debut from ex-punk-rocker-turned-yogi Raghunath served as my traveling companion on a drive along the rocky coast of Maine. The album’s broad strokes, energized layers, and variety of beats proved to be a fine sonic complement to the rush and fade of Atlantic waters. The artist/yogi (never without his harmonium) is beloved worldwide for his [...]

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Safe Harbor: Healing Kirtan – Mahaprasad

One meaning of the word kirtan (phonetically keer-ton) is 'praise'. A variety of kirtan chants, often as call-and-response  were traditionally utilized as a method to pay respect to the Divine. In his fifth release, Safe Harbor: Healing Kirtan – Mahaprasad, master musician, poet, peace activist, award-winner, and healer Sudama Mark Kennedy delves soulfully into this [...]

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A Musical Journey with Whitney Allen

Using the connection with music to enhance yoga practice sequence   I remember the first time I stepped into Whitney Allen’s class in Los Angeles 14 years ago. I was a relatively new yoga teacher from NY, an actor and a journalist; little did I know that Whitney was also a new teacher, as well as an [...]

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New Moon Wellness Agoura Hills

New Moon Wellness offers Healing in Agoura Hills Walking through the door of New Moon Wellness is like entering a cozy living room. The warm wood floors and inviting sofas set a tone suitable for owner Andrea Gootnick's vision to create a holistic community center. Andrea is an activist, life coach, and 26 year resident [...]

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Love Everyone book review

  Love Everyone book review    Love Everyone is a a series of engrossing first-hand recollections by followers of the Indian saint and spiritual teacher Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji. Although I didn’t meet him in person, my life has been enriched by being a follower of his teachings for the last ten years [...]

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Like a River to the Sea Music Review

  Like a River to the Sea uses traditional kirtan instruments to produce chakra-expanding sounds. Singer, violinist, and composer Jahnavi Harrison has an interesting backstory; she grew up in the Hare Krishna community Bhaktivedanta Manor, a beautiful country estate in the UK donated by George Harrison and the largest Hare Krishna community in Europe. At 19, she [...]

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Music Review: Bhakti Without Borders

Bhakti Without Borders by Madi Das and Dave Stringer -- a relaxing yoga music experience of kirtan (Kirtan Shakti) The delightful Bhakti Without Borders, produced by Madi Das and Dave Stringer, features 12 singers from five countries. It is complete with musical mastery; it is one of those albums that satisfies your devotional and listening pleasure [...]

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